DBS supports anti-gay organisation for charity this Christmas

Well, it seems like it all over town now. DBS has set up a promotion together with Focus on the Family so that consumers can donate via FOTF by spending on their credit cards.


Update: Apparently, DBS have now removed any reference to FOTF in their promotion, however, we don’t know if they will secretly still donate money to FOTF instead.

No guess to why we are up against FOTF, the right-wing Christian fundamentalist organization hiding behind a rosy “family values” when their true agenda is to spread “Christian family values” and to build a Christian nation and to promote misinformation about gay people and trying to destroy gay people and their families through their pseudo Christian science.

May gay people and friends have already pledged not to use their DBS/POSB cards this Christmas and some have pledged to cancel all their accounts with DBS.

Anyway, here are some discussions around in the internet from Fridae, Ovidia Yu’s blog, and Miak’s blog

I have sent a feedback to DBS customer service on this matter 2 days ago and got this robotic reply.

Dear Mr Wong

We thank you for your feedback and appreciate your concerns.

Our charity partner, Focus on the Family (Singapore), is a non-religious and non-political organisation, supported and endorsed by the National Family Council and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports in Singapore. Its community programmes are widely supported by like-minded socially responsible corporate citizens such as MediaCorp, Far East Group, to name a few.

The contribution from DBS will go towards supporting the children’s programmes in Singapore. This is part of our efforts at DBS to support families and children during this festive period. We had supported various local charities before in the past such as The Singapore Children’s Society during Christmas in 2006.

We would like to clarify that we do not take a portion from the cardmember’s retail spending to give to the charity. Cardholder can continue to spend and not redeem for the teddy bears, so there is no contribution towards Focus on the Family.

DBS will continue to play its part to support the community at large, and we hope to have your kind understanding and support.

Yours sincerely

Rena Leong
Assistant Vice President
Customer Care & Feedback Management
Consumer Banking Group Singapore
Fax: 6534-4077
Email Address: customerservice@dbs.com
Operation Hours: 8.30am to 6.15pm
Monday to Friday

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