DBS pulls out of charity promotion with Focus on the Family

Well, it happened, DBS has officially pulled themselves out of the charity promotion with Focus on the Family, after much protest from gay affirmative individuals and a huge amounts of complaints written to them.

Now their promotion linked have removed any mention of charity with FOTF:


I received a 2nd reply from DBS after I queried them on whether the withdrawal was for real.

Dear Mr Wong

We thank you for your feedback and appreciate your concerns.

In line with DBS’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts that are geared towards supporting children and learning, several welfare organisations that support similar causes were short-listed.

It was never the intention of the Bank to discriminate against any group through this initiative. Nevertheless given feedback received, to demonstrate that DBS believes in diversity and inclusion, with immediate effect we will be removing the Christmas charity campaign.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Rena Leong
Assistant Vice President
Customer Care & Feedback Management
Consumer Banking Group Singapore
Fax: 6534-4077
Email Address: customerservice@dbs.com
Operation Hours: 8.30am to 6.15pm
Monday to Friday

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