AWAREness in our midst

I guess by now, most of you all would have know about the “takeover” of AWARE leadership by newbies, not just any newbies, but those who have been associated with right-wing fundamentalist christian organisations.

Now, what is interesting is that immediately you will have nahsayers, such as agooga commenter in this blog (and I think the person writing the blog has his brains in space), immediately justifying why they thought people should not try to repeal 377a… because of backlash. What rubbish! Of course, anytime you try to create a better and more equal society, such as the black and women movement, where the oppression feels that its their god-given right to maintain the inequality (ala bhumi putra in Malaysia) and to discriminate those they are not their kind, they will try to re-enforce their “moral right” like a spoilt child.

This is to be expected

Do you mean the fight for women’s right or to end apartheid should be dropped immediately when there is a backlash to that class of people? I think history tells us very well that tenacity, love and sense of fairness pays off in the long term.

Now what has AWARE got to do with gay rights? In truth, AWARE although teaming with lesbians working there, has probably always seen gay rights as less priority over abused women, sexual harassment, amongst other issues. In fact, they probably thought that gay people are too well-fed and well-off to need someone like AWARE to fight for them. Of course, they are not against gay rights, in fact some if not many of the senior members are in good terms with and work together with gay activists.

However, of late and so due to the hard work of lesbian friends in AWARE, the organization has more or less been public about their stance on gay rights.

That probably was the last straw for some self-righteous people out there. The curious question is why right-wing fundamentalist christians are so concerned about abortion, gay issues and “traditional family””, when there is so much war and violence in the world, animals are treated badly and a crumbling environment… aren’t those more pressing issues to deal with?

I suspect this has to do with their world view. They may actually see gay rights as one of the last sign that the end of the world is inevitable, with the break down of their so-call traditional family, more casual sex and more abortion for that matter. So in their self-righteous mind, they have to do gods world to “clean up the world” and to prevent it from ending.

Er… wait a minute….if what they believe that the bible is truth, then the end of the world is inevitable… its part of god’s work. So why are they trying to reverse or prevent god’s work? They should also be happy that the end of the world comes, because that is the judgment day and those people get to go to heaven. Shouldn’t they be more happier? Are they trying to prevent the end of the world because they are afraid that when judgment day comes that they will go to hell?

pissss… a known scientific fact, the Earth as we know it have a finite life span, sooner or later it will end, no matter how you try to prevent it… well, of course this will be in a few million years more, but it will surely end.

So in a way, they may see the public support of gay rights by AWARE as a sign of impending doom and they need to take care of the situation. So, someone in AWARE must have coordinated to ensure that this happens. Yes, I strongly believe this is the work of an insider, newbies will not be able to work the grounds so well without help from one or more insiders.

Actually, I am least concerned about gay right because AWARE until recently has not really contributed much to the cause. I think the main concern would be slipping in that brand of christian thinking into their work, disguised as non-religious, much like what Focus on the Family has been trying to do. They may try to push their anti-abortion, pro-abstinence and pro-traditional (christian) family and that is a great step backwards to empowering women, in my opinion.

Well, its a good thing that they have finally show-hands. I strongly believe that these groups has always been looking for a legitimate vehicle to launch their crusade. Taking over AWARE, they can legitimately denounce abortion and be pro-abstinence, among others, in the name of AWARE. However, they may over-estimate their abilities, because the rest of Singapore will be watching every move they make and be ready to pounce on them, including people from within. I am not trying to guess what they may do, but then the pattern of their operations is so well-documented and they only have sex in their minds, what else can they do?

Anyway, win or lose, let them do what they want. So if you are really that concerned, take up membership in AWARE and oust them in the next election and make AWARE a better and more responsive organisation than what it is now.

Oh by the way, one would think that because most of the christiandom in Singapore are anti-gay, they are one. Its far from the truth, they are mostly hypocrites when it comes to it. Roman catholics thinks protestants will go to hell and vice versa. Evangelist thinks others include other christian dominant will go to hell. Right-wing fundamentalist christian thinks that they have the only correct interpret of a story book bible and probably thinks all others who do not believe the same will go to hell.

Well, I guess whatever they try to do, all will go hell together lah.

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