AWARE SAGA: Of tolerance, diversity and wisdom

Before I begin, I need to declare this upfront:

I do not support any threats of physical violence to anyone or their immediate families for whatever reasons. There is just no reasons to do so. We can bitch, insult, insinuate, reason and debate, but there is never any reasons to threaten someone or their immediate family’s life. If you are doing that PLEASE STOP NOW, you are making things worst and if you decide to continue, I hope the police catch hold of you and put you where you should belong.

Okay that said, let’s continue.

You know that Thio Su Mien confession is like a did-we-tell-you-so to all those who has been calling the old guard sour pussies. As many of us have said already, those who have had close blows with the right-wingers can see the signs from miles away. Yes, these people are intolerance and they want the rest of the world to be intolerance fools just like them. And education, social and profession achievements has not bearings at all to how warped one’s mind can be. Don’t forget that a lot of serial killers out there are actually very intelligent people. However, despite their lunacy, I would always prefer to have this debate done in civil manner and should not get too personal.

Now, some people have suggested that we should be writing to the organisations in which some of these christian right-wingers work and get their employers to do something about them. This type of vigilante is totally unacceptable, in my opinion. A company does not have rights to demand that their employee to share the same values (e.g. pro-gay) outside of their work environment.  As long as they are performing as expected and does not violate the company’s value while working, why should an employer take matters into their hands for something that is of the employee’s personal life? Its not like they are breaking the law knowingly and flaunting about it. They are just espousing their religious believes and acting on it, outside of their organisation.

However, having said that, I have no issues if you start cancelling DBS Bank credit cards to protest against DBS still giving charity dollars to a terrorist organisation like Focus on the Family and also because Ms Josie happened to be in the cards division. But to call DBS bank to fire her is too much and unnecessary.

One thing that puzzles me is how many people are calling for tolerance and to listen to both sides and let the new exco proof their work. Would you call on people to listen to both sides, if one side were a muslim terrorist group or a neo-nazi group or a white supremacy group? Why is it that its okay to say and be allowed to say that gay people are bad and should be criminals, but not okay towards Jews or black people? We forget it used to be okay not so long ago to say those things that Ms Thio and her church about Jews and black people and the common thread is that biblical text has been used for their justification.

Would you allow your daughter to go on a date with a known unrepentant rapist and serial killer? Would you believe Nazi groups if they want to help Jews with a better live? Would you believe a muslim terrorist group if they form a welfare group for American orphans?

Asking to let such intolerable minds run AWARE for fun is akin to those questions I have raised.

Yet, having said that and since they are already the exco (provided the results remained the same after the EOGM), let them run AWARE aground and let them to the hang themselves. The great distrust in which they have created will not help them too much in further their actions, it will be unfortunate for the women in which AWARE is helping for sure though.

Some people think that because we accept diversity, we should allow all voices and points of view, even those that are harmful to people and society. Diversity means, to me, to accept that people as they are, some are bigots, some are serial killers, some are kind, some are gay, some are short and some tall. But if a view point is dangerous, harmful to individuals and society, then it should have as little space as possible. Because if you do, little by little they will creep in and over time it will enter the community conscious and in their wake, dreams will be destroy, suicides will occur, minds will be damaged and families will be broken. This is what happens if we allow such groups too much voices in the public domain.

Lastly, I guess the silver lining of the aware saga is that most of us got to know that type of work and achievements AWARE have done over the many years and how they actually have supported gay women in their lives. Plus now there are more active members who want to make a difference to AWARE or its new incarnation should it happen.

4 thoughts on “AWARE SAGA: Of tolerance, diversity and wisdom

  1. You never know if the so call threat to the lifes of the immediate family is staged. They have staged a coup to snatch power, what’s there to prevent them from stooping lower?

    Furthermore, this is the best topic for a ‘wailing banshee’ to show off her talent.

  2. Hi Samie,

    I agree that its possible to be staged, but I believe there are people out there who are angry enough to do silly things like that.

    But I think its important not to stay silent as if I am happy that their lives and families are being threaten, which I am not.

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