Join the pinkdot @ Hong Lim Park

Some of my friends would think those of us in People Like Us would have a grasp on activities within the gay community and be one of those leading the charge in any major event or breaking news. In some cases this is correct, but more often than not, a lot of things are beyond any of our control whether we like it or not. Activities around the gay community (if there is one) comes and goes, grows and shrinks, and we are constantly amazed by the groups that pop out of nowhere, well organized and well attended, even if those people have never heard of PLU!

The upcoming event at Hong Lim Park is one such event that none of the PLU exco are involved in. It started off as an adhoc thought for a few gay personalities to talk at Hong Lim Park somewhere in Nov 2008 (I believe), but that was put off and it waited its time. And I am glad it did because what had taken time to form is an event that is incredibly simply yet powerful, kudos to the organisers and their friends.

I mean what better way to reject prejudice, hatred and bigotry than to show how much love, joy and happiness there can be without those negative thoughts?

It is interesting when we contrast the anti-gay side, we often hear words like perverts, disgusting, illness, sickness, abnormal, abomination and negative words like fear, resist, reject, anger and hatred, mixed up with just a little so-called love and compassion. And what of the results of their campaign? Broken families, angry parents, rejected children, angry ex-gays, depression, suicide and even death.

On the side of the equality camp, we often hear about reconciliation, love, inclusiveness, joy, happiness, restfulness, compassion, sharing, openness, resulting in well-balanced happy families, productive gay people and their friends.

So which side do you prefer to be on?


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