Why must ping pong players talk to their coach?

I really don’t understand this current hoohah aboout our national coach not being there during the recent Beijing Olympics to coach our national male player during a crucial game.

I feel that Liu GuoDong has done nothing wrong, but to bring in Olympic medals for Singapore. If anything, that silly Lee Bee Wah should be sacked for her bad management skills. Then again PAP never sack anyone because of performance, if not why do we have MPs being insulted and also some being burnt? If they are such good MPs who want to be angry at them?

Okay back to the topic, shouldn’t top sports person in their field be able to strategise and fend off the opponents without being attached to the apron strings? Something must be wrong with their training if they have to constantly have the coach during their games to help beat their opponents and once the coach is gone, they are like zombies players, just hitting without brains?

I think that this just silly that coaches are being blamed for a top national players fall from their goals, when the most important person is the player him/herself.

Perhaps the rules should be changed so that players are not allowed to talk to their coaches during the entire game. This will surely build more confidence into the ping pong players and allow them the independents to play their game as they deem fit.

In the game of tennis, the players are not allow to talk to their coach during play and do we have anyone complaining? In fact, the top players are the ones who can strategise their games based on how the opponent is playing on that day and where their errors are coming from.  If the opponents is hitting deep and hard, then they may want to move behind the baseline a bit more if they are making too many mistakes at the baseline. Or if your opponent is taking your flat 1st serve too well, you may change up and use a kick first serve and mix it up instead. This is what the top tennis players in the world can, why can’t the ping pong players?

Viva Le Tennis! Viva Le Roger Federer!

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