The coming out of Singapore: Thank you PinkDot

Me and Rainbow bear

Me and Rainbow bear

Of the many years as a semi-gay activist, I would not have imagined that so many LGBTs in Singapore would come out and show themselves as they did on 16 May 2009 in Hong Lim Park.

Of course, this does not come about just like that. Its been brewing for many years, with many people contributing to social groups, events and visibility of gay people in Singapore to accumulate to this day as a pink dot on the greens of Hong Lim Park.

Is this a watershed event? I think not… yet. But the time will come, we just need to be patient. Visibility gives power and association and as the years go by, this power will increase and grow and more and more people will provide visual support of LGBT over time until it cannot be contained but the penal code namingly 377a will have to go.

This is what we have been talking about in coming out. Visibility. Only when you know that you have the same right to exists and be, will others see you as who you are, instead of unknown strange monsters in their mind. If you keep yourself invisible to yourself, you will constantly feel that something is missing and even burdened and just don’t know where to go.You don’t know what is wrong.. a feeling of dissatisfaction, but you don’t know what it is… until you realize you’ve been keeping a child locked up in a dark basement refusing to acknowledge its constant cry to be loved, embraced and accepted.

Of course, coming out is an individual experience and process and its only you who can decide when you want to step out and also be counted. No one can guarantee you a rainbow when you come out, Coming out is not just the end, people around you need to understand your coming out too and learn to accept and embrace the being that you are, instead of what they think you are or what they want you to be.

It will be a tough journey for many, but so is learning how to walk as a child or learning how to ride a bicycle. You cannot afford to have people holding you all the way as you learn to walk or cycle. One day, you just need to do it on your own and you know that you have found something that nobody can ever take away.

Thanks to all the organiser of the event for making it a swell day for every who believe in diversity, love, tolerance and acceptance away from false morality.

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3 thoughts on “The coming out of Singapore: Thank you PinkDot

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    • Hi Kelvin

      Lip Sin shared this post on FB. It would have been great to catch up with you guys on the day but I had rehearsals for the show. Love what you have written about the journey being like a bike ride – it’s also like windsurfing, isn’t it?

      Keep the faith. Keep well!


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