Hong Kong phone scam using fake TV lucky draw

Anyway, it never really occurred to me that scammers can be that persistent, normally, I would think that they would call you once and try to extract as much money as they can from you within the first encounter. However, this phone scammer uses what we call social engineering to create doubt in your believe that its a scam and trust in the person.

When I initially received the call, it was some lady with very standard China Chinese accent talking to me, I normally did not pay attention to such call and was just listening but doing something else. She introduced her company in Chinese which I could not make up and when I asked for the English name, I couldn’t make it up neither due to her pronounciation. She was talking about introducing her company products to me, which I have no idea what and was waiting for her to tell me… but anyway, I was really listening. Didn’t know how the conversation ended, but it was cordial and she thanked me for taking the time.

The 2nd time, a lady called again and reminded me that we spoke before and talked excitingly about a program in some Asian TV channel which did not make sense to me which channel it was. She keep reminding me that I should watch their inaugural program on TV or something like that. Again, I was not listening, I never really listen to sale people on the phone. The 2nd time ended cordially again and she thanked me and reminded me to watch their program. Oh, I think she gave me some lucky draw number or something like that.

After a long time, I got a call again, today. This time she told me if I had watch the program and I said no and that I had no time. She said that I won a big sum of money (she did say how much, but I never listened) in HKD and its about SGD 110,000. Anyone, would have jumped for joy, but was totally emotionless. For one thing, I know my own damn luck with money and luck draws. Anyway, I asked about her company and how I got into the draw and she asked if I had purchase electronics or gadget in the last five years (who don’t?) and the collected these from the warranty forms.

Then she ask why I was not happy to get this price and asks me how I want to spend the money. She asks if I don’t believe her. I said I will decide when I have it.  By now, my scam radar started up, but had some doubts because until now they had not asked for money from me and had called me a few times. Anyway, she was saying whether I want to collect it myself or should they bank to me, so I said I will collect it. She started to give me the address “Hong Kong….” and I said in that case send it over to me. I was still very emotionless at the point and she asks if its because I don’t believe her and that there are a lot of scam stories going around and she added that I will believe her when I see the money in my bank and I will thank here and bring her out to dinner next time I visit Hong Kong.

So I asked her what I need to give her, so said she need to prove of my identity and my bank account to transfer the money and they will transfer the money in by tomorrow. So I gave her my real name, but I told her that did not have my POSB bank account with me.  She said the numbers on the card would usually do, I like “Uh?” on my account is on my POSB card, the numbers don’t look like it. Anyway, I told her that I will need to call her back when I get the account number and she gave me her name as Xiu Man Xing and number +852 307 83335.

So I came home and did a search about Hong Kong phone scams and came to this page:


And interesting enough a comment on this page describes EXACTLY what happened to me almost word for word, except that I had not given her my bank account number yet.

Hi Jan, Thanks for your post. I almost got scam the same way and it just happen. Means they have not stop it, even worst if this is another copy cat company.

Here’s my story. I got a call also by a lady who sound like from mainland china, her name is 许慢心 she said i have bought some electronic product either from sony or panasonic and was entitled a lucky dip 2000 was selected from singapore, 2000 selected from malaysia and 2000 from Hong Kong. I got 3rd prize together with 3 other people. Total cash price of HKD$650,000.00. The other 2 from HK already got their prize money on the spot when the TV programm was air on CCTV on the 13 of sept 2009, and even the Malaysia winner also got his money, now they are wondering how come after so long i did not claim my prize, so They call me up to check. So I ask her how do you varitfy that the winner is me when u never ask me for my identity number or passport number. She could not give me a very good reply, reply to keep saying that is it I don’t believe her. She say my name is correct and my phone number is correct right so it must be me. She also say that i have a lucky number 37527 which they pick out form the draw. It’s their company 18 year anniversary draw. While talking to me on the phone trying to convince me that she understand that there are lots of scam company out there and it’s only normal that i don’t believe her, she also put me on hold and answered another phone call which a customer call in to order some products from them. Company name is 日晨有限公司, address is 九龙湾道,158-160号,吉心大厦, 5 floor and 6 floor. Phone number: +85230783335. Finally to a point i ask her what she need from me? Is it first i must give her some money first. She ask for my bank account number, full name and birthday. Which i also gave her thinking that it’s no harm. She end to call by telling me that once i receive i will believe and must call her to thank her, even if next time i go HK must go buy her dinner, even ask me have i thought of how to spend this money. She also tell me i have to pay a 15% of my price money for HK goverment tax. So when the prize money is converted to Singapore dollars i should get S$118,900.00, the Tax i need to pay to HK is S$17,835.00. But i only need to pay this tax one week after i have received the money. Sounds ok so far right.

Day 2: The so call manager a male called me to double check my bank account number, name and birth date, Than told me he will go to the bank to remit the money to me right away and ask me to go to the bank one hour later to check and print out an account balance and fax it to them so that they can proceed with the tax form…. As you can guess i wait checking my the ATM every 2 hours but nothing happen.

Day 3: I have already given up hope that this is for real, but still decided to call 许慢心 to tell her i no longer believe her and that she is fake, but when i call, she act shock to hear that i have not gottan my money, she say she thought i already got it and happily spending it. After hearing form me she say she will double check with her manager. By 4pm she call back and told me that the bank has close but they will check and her manager will get back to me the next day.

Day 4: She call me again, this time to tell me that the bank rejected the transfer because I am not a HK citizen so in order to pay the HK tax i got to authorise their company to pay this tax for me. And to do that, i have to make a 4% payment of my prize money S$4756.00 to this accounting firm appointed by HK Goverment. Company name 世华国际联合律师事务所 address: 香港九龙旺角大厦12 floor. Account number : 7860-0362-4888 name of account : Wan Yu Ng Lung. Bank name: Hang Seng Bank limited. When i ask how come the account name is not the company name, and is there any document they can fax me to show me that this amount i remit over is for what purpose, for more information about both the company and what are their english name… she don’t dare to review anymore.

At the end she still call me and say wanna give you money but since u don’t believe can don’t remit this S$4756.00 and give up my price money. I said fine. I don’t want the money.

For readers who read this post by me, please don’t get scam by these people be extra careful, if you wanna check does their company exist you can go to this website by HK goverment to check. http://www.cr.gov.hk/en/home/index.htm than click on the bottom first icon that says ” company informantion check” than follow the instruction and type in the company name and you will know if which ever company really register themself in HK or not. I have also for Jan’s advise and email to Hang Seng Bank about this matter, if i do get a respond from them be sure i will post it here for everyone to read.

Almost victim
Dolly Soh


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  1. WOW! i almost got scam also!
    This Chinese lady call and say if i watched the programme that she mention to me a month plus ago, and told me that i had won the prize of SG $118000+, she then keep asking if i do not believe in her.
    She informed me that i just had to gave her my bank account number and she will transfer the money to me. I say no, and ask if they could mail me a cheque, she told me her company don’t mail cheque, so i tell her to call me tml. Then i went to google more about the company she told me about, and i saw this article!
    Now i gonna ignore their call.

    • well this is my experience, i received a call from her too, said she was from a panasonic company , due to opening a new branch they held a fair and invited me to come and join. I asked them how they have my number (as my number keep changed) they said they got it from the warranty card of my item i purchased few years ago (hello..im nt even holding that number ok, besides i just got this number at 2010 years, PLUS i don remember i have any panasonic brand stuff at my house)
      so she was like have a long talking to me ( which waste my time when i was at a meeting)
      and i get annoyed and tell her im not free now, please be fast, so she just remind me about the event.
      After few weeks, she called me, ask me did i attend the event, i said no, i dono where the heck the event you mentioned held at, so she said nvm, she call me just want me to remind that they have a lucky draw show on tv (26/11/2011 6-8pm) which the famous hong kong actor/star Eric Tsang will attend too, the channel is “phoenix channel” ( I’m from malaysia, even astro do not show what phoenix channel), and she gave me a lucky code that time ( i dono why but i still copy it down and throw it away after that)
      and we ended the call. after two weeks she called again, saying that why din i call back as they waiting me to claim my prize, i said im not free, then she said nvm , now can you still remember the lucky number? I said no so i don get to claim the prize right? I direct off the call. and proceed to meet my customer.
      The next day she called me again with a “unknown” phone number, once i answer the call and i heard its her voice, i direct close the call. and i checked google for the detail and yes, i found here, which describe the situation just nearly the same as i met before..haha.. Becareful for those greedy one, don get scammed. take care..

  2. This is a lucky post for me.

    I just got this phone call today, I am still in the day 1 process.. Telling me that I won prize, same story.

    I was thinking, if tomolo I should play along with them and have some fun out of it or should I just ignore them? Their phone is private. Any Idea?

    • Last 2weeks i have received a call ( in private no ) from a woman name ( Low mei juan ) say’s that they’re from Richview Travel . She asked me do i still rmb that i did a survey few mths ago ? I was thinking i have been to a few places since 2012 end of Nov-2013 Apr , i really cant rmb . She told me , bcoz of this survey , i got a chance to join their lucky draw and now i have won a 3rd prize worth HKD$1.08m , SGD ard $180000 . She ask for my full name , b.day and what bank i wanted the money to transfered to , and my bank acc numbers of coz . I was thinking no harm gaving , so i just gave it to her . She told me after they calculate everything , and the lawyer have the procedure done , they will inform me and transfer the money into my bank . She ask me do i feel excited and happy ? How am i going to spend it ? I told her , only if i saw the amount in my bank then i’ll feel happy LOL…….If i have any question , can call this numbers ( +852 30622669 ) to look for the manager ( Chen li ping ).
      Yesterday morning i have received the call again . She say that everything have already settle , bcoz im from other country , so their law is the gov have to tax me from that amount . So what i need to do is go to my bank to have this amount SGD( $47++.00 i cant rmb the actual amount ) transfer done , after they received , they will get the transfer done in 3hrs time . I say to her , why not just deduct from there ? She say cannot and…..bla bla……i just listen to her until she finish , and i say to her , then u collect for me lor , i gave it all to u ? Or maybe i can donate it ?? She start to have a little temper on me , i can feel it . She say , if she can get it , now she wont be here talking to me over the phone . So i ask her to call back later , i need to call up my friend in HK works at gov department to check for me i said . You know what happen next ? I really feel like laughing lol…….She start to scold me and say i have to be responsible for my prize . Just bcoz of 4k+ , im going to gave up so large sum of money and bla bla…….I said to her , hey !! It’s not your money , why you get so excite ? Bcoz i have the sence of responsibility for my pocket , that’s why i dont get the money transfered , do you know that ? Then she @#&*%!”÷ and hang up the phone . Lol…….friends there , never trust a stranger call up and told you that you have won a prize at where and when so easily . Good luck to all !

  3. Nah, I shall not tell them.. They may change their tactics and use it on other people.

    So that those people still can benefit from this page.

  4. Wow, thanks for the info. I receive the call pass few days, but i already given the name, bank account and the date of birth. Are those info will give any harm?

    • I hope not, I don’t think they can draw anything out with just those information, because birthday is just too easy to get nowadays with facebook and such. At least, you did not provide your identity card number.

  5. yes…same here…just got the phone call just now…stage one also…damn…hate this…we must do something to let other ppl know…

  6. They called me a times after, but they didn’t really go into stage 2, as I seem not very interested at that point.

    My guess is: They only continue to stage 2 if you get excited enough about the money, so you will do all the work, eg. going to ATM check the money and giving them the “TAX” Money.

    All the time they call, I just show the half interested tone… If I have time, I will play along with them, if no time… After speaking for a while I just say I am busy at the moment.

    After 2 or 3 calls of follow up by them, I think they give up on me already. Lol.

  7. I also got a call like this! Luckily I didn’t give her my bank acct number! Lol. The prize money was SGD180,000. She also asked for birthday etc.

    The funny thing was that the first time she called was last year and today is the third time I received the call.

  8. i think i should stage 2. Yesterday same thing called up say i won some lucky draw from last saturday PHEONIX channel event 5-6pm for HK$380k = RM170k++. Today she called up again to reconfirm my info such as name,acc no.,I.C no. and bla bla bla..even though i know its a scam i still provide give them the real info. i think i will receive call again tomorrow

  9. Haha… I got the call, play with her until the stage where I gave my details. What can they do with just my IC number and bank account number anyway?

    I got the call to say that they’ll mail me some form to do some tax thing – they have my address meh? Bwahaha..

    I’m now just waiting for their next step – I’ll play them out.

  10. I got similiar call. 1st is survey from watch company, follow by ask you to watch tv. And i won the third price. today she called to ask for a/c number. I told her i forget my a/c number as i want to find out more. Am i that lucky or just just scam.
    Here is the information she just give me.

    name: ye li hong
    HK tel: 852 3078 3068
    company: yuen hang lei Ltd

    She still ask what time can she called again , and perhaps she suggested that i can call her up

  11. I’ve just receive a call same call from HK saying that I won fifth prize on the phoenix channel.
    I already provided them with my name, IC & a/c number.
    Will any harm come to me? Is there anything that i can do now?

  12. My mother got a few calls too. The caller is super persistence.

    Almost got scam, luckily I found this page and prevented the disaster. My mum laughed when she this page (almost the same story)

    Here is the information she provided:
    Tel: 852-67278399 (Caller)
    Name: Chen Mei Fang (Caller)

    Tel: 8526727-7338 (Finance no.)
    Name: Yan Yi Zhen (Finance personnel)

  13. Thanks saltwetfish for ur benefits information to us..

    I’m from malaysia and got this CON call from this HK girl by the name Liu Le Ming from Nam Fei Tai Yang Chen saying i’m so fortunate to win their free package to South Africa or choose to take Free money on last week on Dec 3, Friday. That was the first stage in prelimenary selection where i really the chosen one or not. So she just take my particular general information like name, age, occupation in a profesional manner in order to do the lucky pick again next week using computer.

    Exactly today Dec 10, Friday so punctual She called me up and remind me who is she and happily to inform me that i got this luck to choose for vacation or take money. WoW!! she really professional and convincing you that u really got it.. so she reconfirm your name, age, location, Occupation, Identity no, Bank A/c, and will bank in not many like u all .. Just HK 28,000 for money bank in and if take package to vacation in South Africa (Value HK36000 must spent there). Ask me to visit their webste http://WWW.suninternational.com. walaueh!!!!!

    Her phone number already in the http://phonenotes.org/0016102226009. Many asking who are they calling from and what their intention..

    They change tactic already.
    She gave me her personal number. anyone there pls call her at 0085230533018!!! her voice and sound really pretty girl but unbelievable to do conman job. ha ha.. if she here… i won;t have date her out..ke ke ke ..

    Thank Q Slatwetfish

  14. Same thing happened to me; but i gave them a fake name, from the start at stage 1 where they did a “market survey”.

    Reported this to the Hong Kong Police; they said it’s not within their juridisction, and to have it reported to my local enforcement agency. My local enforcement agency of course would not take further action because i am not a victim yet and the caller is not local. Given to the HKP the phone number (+8526xxxxxxx) but was directed to the Office For Telecomunications Authority HK who will enforce the “Unsolicited Electronic Messages” Enactment. However, it was posted in the OFTA website that person-to-person calls do not fall under this jurisdiction. So my question is who then are the relevant people who would catch these crooks?

  15. Hi all,
    i think the person just changed their tactic recently.
    I received a called from a woman claiming to be from some company called hua cheng investment company. She mentioned about a donation drive a victoria street and asked me to go if i have the time and donate stuff of mine which i do not want. She even said that there will be a lucky draw.

    After two days, she called again and said i have won the 3rd prize in the lucky draw and asked if i went to the donation drive. I said no, then she asked for my name, IC and DOB, said that i could claim the lucky draw prize-which is 15days to australia etc. I told her that i could not make it and stuff, she said that i could change it to prize money instead. Her name was Zhang li qing. She gave me her company’s phone number in hong kong .She sounded quite convincing but i still had my doubts.

    She called again the following monday as i told her i want the prize money instead. She said that she has checked with the accountant and set up a temporary account for my prize money in hongkong. It was $465,360 hkd. I am quite skeptical about it. However, she gave me a number to call to verify the account with the money (she provided me with the account no, name, pw etc). I called the number and felt even more strange when the person who answered sounds like a china lady instead of a hong kong lady. I “verified” and called zhang li qing again, who asked what i will do after i receive my prize money and talk about herself a bit. She said that she will check with the accountant again to process the money.

    She called again and said that i am not qualified to receive the prize money unless i made a donation to any charity (in singapore) and emailed her the receipt. She yak and yak again. Then i asked her if her company has a branch in Singapore and she mentioned no. Her company was like one of the sponsors partner with red cross to create the donation drive.Her company was planning to open a branch in singapore or whatsoever. I was like wow when i heard she used red cross as an excuse. When i told her that i cannot trust her and cannot believe that i won in some lucky draw, she told me that her company will not cheat people as during the event, many thousands of people attended and thus, no way of cheating.I was thinking to myself, yeah, i did not go, how would i know.

    After the call, i made a kind donation to red cross-online. I am quite skeptical but i also want to see what she is up to. Well, people tend to have little hope at times, especially when we talk about money.I emailed her the receipt and is still waiting for reply. Her email is not even her company email.

    After emailing her i looked up in phone scams and found this website. Thanks for all the info people, now i know if i can truly trust her or not.

    • For months during this year 2011, I had been receiving the same phone calls from HK lady from this HK company ‘Xin Bai Li’ that the company will be setting up tourist resort in Malaysia. I was given the code that I had won the travel voucher for 3days free stay at this Resort. I am so busy with my office work that I do not this matter to heart. I took down the code and left at the office. Later I sms to a friend if we should forward for a holiday in Malalysia. My friend said he could not locate this company.
      Lately the HK lady called again believe from the same scam claimed that I won 2nd prize on Asia TV Channel converted to cash money.
      In Year 2009, I had got the same scam. She gave me her contacts to Customer Svc and Accounts Department they were 2 HK ladies with china accent. She even gave my the contact no of the HK Foreign Exchange so I can check on this remittance. The 1st time I do not bother with them and I am not working.
      This year April’2011, I got the same scam calls again. But I used my office phone to contact them. And later she said in order to receive this fund, I am required to pay 2% of remittance amount to HK Monetary Authority.
      I wander why the HK Govt and Authorised Authorities were incompetent in preventing these scams.
      I had even sent in enquiry emails to the HK Lawyer and HK Lawyer Societies, further emailed to HKMA.
      <According to Article 112 of the Basic Law, "… no foreign exchange control policies shall be applied in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Hong Kong dollar shall be freely convertible. Markets for foreign exchange, gold, securities, futures and the like shall continue. The
      Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall safeguard the free flow of capital within, into and out of the Region." It means that there is no restriction on money transfer in Hong Kong and neither the government nor the HKMA imposes charges of any kind on money transfer. It is also impossible for the HKMA to intervene in the money transfer.

      Given that the HKMA does not have investigation power over criminal cases, if you believe you have been a victim of a scam, you are advised to contact your local police or the Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB) direct. The contact details of CCB are:

      Commercial Crime Bureau
      Telephone: (852) 2860-5012
      Email: crimeinformation@police.gov.hk


    • Hi Ron,

      I just got a very similar case as yours. Same company, same event mentioned, same caller name. I also was just asked to make a donation to Red Cross to qualify for the prize claim. I have not proceeded with that, I asked a few questions and the call underwent bad reception suddenly so I asked her to call back later which she have not yet done so.

      It was till I checked online and found this. May I know what happened after you emailed her your receipt?

      • Apparently I stopped answering her calls as I got really suspicious.She kept calling me and even emailed me to ask me what had happened.I did not reply. Just ignore her RL.It’s definitely a scam.

  16. I got the third call just now… She asked for my bank account number and ic number…
    She is like so friendly,I felt unsecure after i gave her my ic number and account number, at that moment i thought it is no harm to me , as i have no credit in the account.
    But now i am worrying , what can she do with my ic number… Is it secure ???

  17. Hi all,
    Recently they have change their tactics again But some how or rather, is still almost the same. I receive their call and give me a pin number ST6291. 1 month later they call me and claim that I had won their 3rd prize which was a patek philippe watch model 5073p but they are not aware that I had one 5013r. They claim that the watch cost HKD1.2million but I remember I saw it at cortina shop for only SDG27K. So they ask me whether I would like to collect the watch or convert to cash and the story goes on the same as the rest. The only different that this time, they give me another number 85230506966, and it is a answering machine number. The way they presented it was so real but does any bank in this world did not identify themselves during the answering machine? It just start of with choosing a languange, than after all the prompt, a guy answer the phone and ask for verification. They sound so busy and so real when you answer them all the question. Busy typing on the keyboard than say that i need some verification either by me or by the hong kong side. So I call the person again and she say that she will get back to me. After 2 hours later, she call and say the same old thing which what you guys had been thru. I get so piss off and I told her to bank into my china account or hong kong bank account but she say that I cant change it now. It sound so stupid and I told her why not she come over to singapore and work for me. She mite get better pay off than during all this stupid things. She just hang up. The lateset number and name they use are as follow,
    Chen Wan wen 85230697660 ( the so call office exe)
    Yang Jing 85230697707 ( the account manager)
    Dear all, please always bear in mind, nothing in this world is free. The most important things is ourselves. Do not greed over things that are not meant to be ours. Whoever recieve their calls again, pls tell them that You Had went to the so call programme and tell them no event was held. I am sure that they will tell you the location has change and see what type of story they are going to give this times and please post it down. Is so fun to make them pay overseas call. try to delay their times.

    • Hi Joe,

      I search the phone number that they give us in google. Then I found your article. Thank you for all of you that post the article to remind the people.
      They give the number exactly like you show. But they already change their name =.=
      They also inform me send the money for some process , then can get the money.
      I inform them, (go this website and dont cheat other people le !) .

    • Hi Joe ! I agree with what you say . Do not greed for things that doesn’t belong to you . But it’s fun to play games together with them lol…..Good luck to all !

  18. I received a call from a company called HUA cheng PROPERTY COMPANY. HER NAME IS LING TIAN MEI. Number is 85265259360. she called and informed me that I won, a trip to Europe, it worth about $6000 . I could not make it for the holiday date thus I requested it to change to cash. She agreed.
    She asked me to call the .HKMA bank contact number is 85230696800. bank account is 5502760727. password is 880727.
    She claimed that I can call the bank and check the value. Yes ,I did . however , before I can ask them to transfer the money , I need to send them US$ 3789 through western union. The lady who will receive the money is lizhen hong , country CN.
    I was told by ling tian mei that she needed signatures from 5 of the company directors in order to approve for transferring the money from hua cheng company to my bank. She got 4 signatures but the final signature could not get as the director went for holiday. Thus she directed me to another person in charge, her name is mei li . her number is 85265259362. she is the section chief of hua cheng company. I called her and was told that she does not have the right to sign for me . therefore, while waiting for the signature of the director to return from holiday , she encouraged me to use the money for investment. I was lucky as I won $50,000. In order to transfer the money from “wai hui bank”foreign exchange bank to my local bank, I need to buy the insurance so as to ensure that my money is protected. She wants me to pay $20.5379for the insurance. I do not want.

  19. my fiance also received the same call and from same HK number but the lady calls herself hui xin. He is at the stage where receipt of donation is given to them and they say they need some transfer document. Everything is sent with doubt and that as long as no payment out, we are fine.

    Now, we are wondering whether we should play along and see what is their next tactics or stop totally. Thanks for sharing the experience. Worried also if they can use the information provided to do fraud.

  20. I also got a call similar to this and the information given is Zheng Bing Bing from a traval company i don’t know what is the company call
    contact is this number +85230697020

    She also ask me if i have watch a show on Aisan Channel. I go to check all the program did not see any of such program.

    When she call me the other day i just mention to her i don’t have this channel (even i have) so she got confident that i never watch the program

    The she told me I won a car BMW that worth HK128,000 but i go to check internet the cheapest BMW in Hong Kong cost HK289,000 haha.. She ask me to call a Sun accountant number +85230697122

    I called and talked about the claim of my prices of they need idenification number i say i don’t have only have passport number because for overseas i normall give passport and not NRIC

    Then he talk about tax i need to pay 3% which come up to be SGD5000 plus then i tell him i not HK citizen why i need to pay for HK tax
    i pay i also pay singapore Tax. somemore ask for money first go fly kite

    so i put down the phone after i did not manage to get a fax document from him.

    Very funny this china people think we are stupid. they are not that smart either.

  21. and so they did indeed ask for transaction fee of 3% – so about $3000 plus loh. Then We hang up….Sigh….same old story. I wonder which authority can round them up…. They are so daring to give all the contacts and name to gain trust. Are they in no man’s land? I really hope no one will ever be tricked by them….

  22. hi i have same situation with all of you…but i give her my acc no n ic no with full name and date of birth it is dangerous for me or not?

  23. Got the same call from a lady who speaks good mandarin.

    She told me I won a Patek Philippe Watch worth HK$240k and asked if I know what brand is Patek Philippe. When I told her NO, she asked me if I know what is ROLEX!

    She got impatient with me when I asked her for her phone # and address in Hong Kong!

    Don’t fall for the scam!

  24. Geez people, I’m from Singapore and got the same call just recently too.

    This lady told me that she’s from a travel agency in Hong Kong, and proceeded to do a survey which I find that it’s harmless so went along with it. After the survey was done over the phone, she told me to tune it to Phoenix Channel on a particular day and timing. However, I obviously didn’t.

    Then, a few days later, she rang me up again and informed me that I had won a lottery/lucky draw that she had helped enter me in with my details she got from me in the first call. Next, she started rambling on about what I’ve won, telling me how lucky I am, and what I must do to claim the prize. And according to her, I’ve won the 2nd grand prize, which is HKD 1,000,000 and equivalent to approximately SGD 108,000.

    At that point of time, I was extremely skeptical and doubt that I’d won that prize which she claimed I did. Nevertheless, she called me the very next day, and told me that she’d need my name, DOB, I/C & a/c number. I gave her, but I think that it should be alright, since they wouldn’t be able to do anything with those. Also, I should be fine as long as I don’t transfer/wire any funds to them.

    Soon, I started to do some research of my own and found out that this was indeed a scam. The voice of the girl is exactly the same as this girl in the video below:

    She told me that she’d have to verify with the Hong Kong authorities that are incharge of all these overseas transaction of cash or something like that. I guess she’ll probably call me up again tomorrow, telling me how it isn’t able to go through and I’d have to wire money to an account, lol. Still thinking of how I should bust her. ^^

    • Hey silveritz. I got the same call from the voice v similar to this. Uh but what she told me is different. She said their company organised a countdown party in Singapore and i were one of the winners in the lucky draw. The name she gave me is Li Zhen, number of 0085230501225. Ey bro so in the end what happen?

      • Guys, i also got a call from these scammers and even now they are still calling me..
        Claim that they are from this company called YULONG in HK and even gave me their website – http://www.yulong-hk.com/ . i had given them my IC, DOB and A/C number…Damn worried then..now, since all of the post in this thread shows that the info given to them proves useless i felt relieved. anyway, beware of these 3 numbers – +85266356056, +852800880 & +85266356056. the person who called me says that her name is Chew Wen Hui. she got a voice exactly like the one in the video…now still thinking of a way on busting them..

        Silveritz, how did it go with yours? it has been 3 months since your last post…need some advise from you..

        • Thanks for this post! I encountered exactly the same caller as you. She tells me that I have won a 25-days travel package for 4. And that if i have went down to their activity set up in Orchard on 11 Sept 2012… She asked me for a set-off day so they can send me the air-tickets, but I couldn’t answer so she left me with her contact info

          I asked for the company and she said YuLong too… and her name is Chew Wen Hui. But the number is 852-8170-1512…

          So I guess they actually have a wide range of numbers to use lol.

    • LOL OMG its her!! 2 years on, its 2013 and she’s still doing this.

      She identified herself to be : Chen Xiu Zhu
      Company website: http://www.xinskhk.com/
      Company name: Hong Xin Shun Electronics Pte. Ltd

      My God she sounds so persuasive and believable. She even set up an account for me under the guise of Hong Loong bank or something.

      She finally killed herself by asking for a 4.5% rate of the total sum of money after one month of phone calls back and forth trying to convince me that she and her company is legit!

  25. I got the same call and same tactic from this number +852 19890037, 852 85230770206

    I already knew it was a scam since the first call and decided not to pick up since the first call, they persistently called me 5 times, and finally they used an unknown number to call me, she explained blah blah blah I won a diamond watch and willing to transfer as monetary form to me since I am in Singapore and unable to collect the watch.

    I told her ” If your company is so big and willing to offer such grand prizes, just air mail to me then, or mail me in letter mails or whatever way they could”

    She bitch trying to scam me and insult me in mandarin ” Mr Ang, Are you still living in previous ERA?” and she hanged up.

    Hope she struck by lightning.

  26. This is hilarious. I got the same story except the woman who was talking to me got a name change half-way through the conversation.

    Several months ago someone called me to inform me about the TV show. I guess they forgot about me since then because the TV show was supposed to happen months ago and today the lady mentioned it was on 21st March 2012. She went through her lines so quickly that I had a hard time catching up. I didn’t show a single hint of doubt, but she’s probably nervous so she brought up the reassurance lines, one of which was “there were many people who watched the program”.

    When she mentioned the company’s based in Hong Kong, I believed her. I know a honkie when I was in NS and he’s obnoxious.

    I gave them my Mandarin name, DOB, NRIC, bank acc no. and English name. They can’t withdraw a single cent from my account even if they know how many strands of pubic hair I have.

    Should I stop answering their calls or make them think I’m in their trap? >:D Maybe I should tell them I’ve transferred money over, act surprised when they tell me they didn’t receive any, offer to transfer money over again, and keep repeating until they finally catch up.

    She told me the name of the company and since it’s a temporary name I couldn’t find the site until I included their phone number in the search: http://www.daishin.icoc.cn/

    The site is ludicrous. If 80% of the 3rd prize amounts to SGD$186k, they should be able to pay a thousand or two for a well done site, but that thing looks like it’s made by an intern.

  27. Hi people! I just found out this mail! What the shit..Didn’t know this was all a scam! What a dream if I really won this.

    Well, same case for me. She plotted it out, with the first call made 1 month before today. She asked me to attend this fair of their company “Yu-Long Electronics” held at Ngee Ann City. I told them I’m visiting, so she gave me a number.

    Few days later, (after the previously mentioned date of the fair) I was quite surprised she knew I didn’t attend. Haha! Such a pity I didn’t realise it’s still a scam.

    Sorry people, I fell for it as it was so tempting. Alright, awakened now.

    She told me I won the 2nd prize worth 22 days of travel for 4. Well, 1 week later, (Monday this week). ok.. like I said, I fell for it, gave her all the documents she needed (DOB, Mandarin name, I/C number and Account Number).

    Ok, according to her, the verification (for changing the tour prize to cash and stating that i’m the correct person who won) was successful, and pass the verification form to her director. Was told to call again 5 mins later so as to inform the director about my winning. I did, and another person received the call and made it so real. She acted blur, and asked if i wanted to order electronics (well, that was really a crafty one and I was at the edge of believing it already.) Anyway, she told me that the Director wasn’t around and will be back tmr; which I will be expecting a call tmr!

    Haha! Let’s wait for all the fun to happen tmr!

    *ok, But my sister just told me, they’re actually eyeing for your NRIC number as well as your full name so as to replicate a fake identity* Wow… it actually got me a little worried.

    • Not sure what they can use your NRIC for, but it is possible with both your IC and account number to get money out of your bank. I think you better call you bank first just in case.

  28. Hey guys, thanks for posting all these comments. i got the same kind of call, few months ago i received a call to attend some event and i said i couldnt attend so she told me to watch this channel. i didnt have the channel because i dont have cable TV at home. and at that time i even forgot about the invitation.

    so 3 days ago this guy called me and said he is from HANWEI company and i won 21 days of vacation to some casino and 1.2mil HK dollars for gambling. i was like “okay…” and then he further explained that because it has been a long time since the collection date, and the prize has been reduced by 10% and the travel ticket is void. (What kind of rule is that?) so it amounted to 1.08 mil HKD which is 174k SGD. so i was really skeptical but since i had time i played along. he took some particulars from me like my NRIC, DOB, bank acc number and full name. i gave all the real details since they cant do anything with just bank account info. you need to sign a withdrawal in order to withdraw any money personally, or you need an ATM card. even so, you need my PIN number for ATM.

    anyway he said he would send this info to the accounts dept to follow up with me. at this point, it really sounded like a real company with different depts and such. 30 mins later, i got a call from a girl called cai si ying. she explained to me the same thing, talked to me about personal stuff to let my guard down. during the call, she received another call and told me to wait. she talked to the other line saying something like the person wanted to book 2 tickets and she said it wasnt possible bcause of some reason. i did not understand much because my chinese wasnt really good. this really let me start to think this was real. i started telling my girlfriend about it and she was quite skeptical when she heard about it.

    so yesterday i did not receive any calls. and this morning she called again to tell me that the money is already ready to send and i just need to sign some documents because it is a huge sum of money and it is to guarantee the transaction is not money laundering. during these three days i was really starting to believe it and imagined myself getting a bike license and buying an Aprilla lol… she said that if i couldnt go down to HK to sign the documents, they can do these documents for me with a fee of 4.8k. i thought it was in HK dollars so i asked how much is it in sing, she said “oh no this is in SGD 4.8k” and i was thinking, she should have said it in HK dollars since she lives there. but i still believed anyway. so she said, she understands im a student and she is trying to help me apply for this subsidy scheme which makes it only 2.3k. i believed it and started asking my friends to lend me some money to pay for it. i told them i’d give them 10k if it was done. my friend was skeptical at first and he said he would consider first. so i told him about the automated response bank she gave me, and also the government website icris.com.gov.hk. The company might be real but the caller might be just using the company’s name to scam. when i checked these things, i totally believed already so got caught in the hook already. until my friend showed me a link to a blog post and i read it. the situation is exactly the same as me! but how would i know its a scam because nobody actually paid the transaction fee?

    but anyway i decided not to take the chance and keep my feet on the ground instead.
    i hope greed doesnt overwhelm any of you causing you to lose 4k. 174k sure is a huge sum when you get it, but 4k is a huge sum too if you didnt get the prize. you gotta repay your friends and recoup the loss using 4 months at least, eating bread and water everyday lol. cheers

  29. Shit,I just received the call today, this PRC girl tell me to watch some ridiculous china program on some china tv, say their company called Xin Mei is the organizer or something. she say I won a Rolex watch, i can get still get SGD$800k if i cannot go to their HK company to get the prize…i gave fake IC no though..but i just gave her my account no la!

  30. Step
    1. Call from them surverying me about chinese food and asking me to attend their food sampling event.

    2. Called and said they’re at the event now and asked me why I’m not at the event. I said I’m busy and they asked me to watch the tv (of what asian channel) covering their event and there’s some famous chinese star.

    3. Called and said I won a lucky draw, I said I don’t want the money but she kept asking why, “我没听错吧?” I relented and gave her my english name, bank acc no. and ic no. She congratulated me and asked me if I’m working. I told her that I’m a finance undergrad and she asked if I plan to share the money with my family. I said No and she gave me her number and said that she will call me again


  31. Today received call, they are super rude, they ask me to answer “YOU WANT OR DONT WANT THE MONEY, ONE WORD”, i tell them i know what they are doing, and stop calling singaporeans, we are not as stupid as you all china ppl. And she go on and on and scold me and say will post online what kind of person am i, not even allowing me to say anything. This company XIN MEI KE JI COMPANY. i forgot the phone no, if anyone have the no, pls give me. i am going to report the police. FUCK CHINA!

  32. Oh shit, i just gave them my details like IC and bank account… luckily i got into this blog… i haven’t pay them any money yet. i was too stupid to believe it too. Anyone knows what they can do with my real name, IC and bank account?

    • Don’t think they can do too much without your bank card. Some folks have done that also but don’t seem have any problems. If you are worried, perhaps you should call up your bank and let them know about this.

  33. i got the call today as well.well was happy to read about scam frm blog today.was daydreaming on wat i can do with so much money.but now its bk to normal life struck with debts……

  34. I too have been approached by the same scammers who informed that I am to receive HKD 945,000 = SGD 152,000 of prize money in lieu of free travel package that I won. Which lead me to this website while looking up on scams. Not much different from the above examples cited. Went through some 3-4 calls with them and they expect me to pay a 3% tax so that some government document can be released to the bank to activate the transfer.

    But I had some fun as I informed them that I will be in HK for work the following week and therefore opt to make this 3% at the HK government board personally instead of bank transfer which the lady insisted is a better, safer, faster way to get my S$152K… In the end, she nearly put the phone down on me as I enquired for details in order to process the payment personnally at the HK finanical board… LOL…

    I am surprised that this scam have been around for so many years and they are still at it! And even more surprise that they got hold of me via my home telephone which I never state on lucky draws/warranty cards. Unless the telecom somehow revealed this to them!

    Co Name: Ai Li Si (Alice trading)
    Caller: Hong Su Ling (Accounts Mgr)
    Contact No.: 852 65277602
    Bank Phone to verify the record if $$ is in bank for remittance: 852 30518510 (Checked internet and is number for some trading company… LOL)

    Thanks for this website and look out!

  35. i got hat call also, few days already, today he ask me about how to receive my lucky draw prize from hongkong. Is getting that prize at hong kong or receive via bank transfer that company she said is Jia Ren travel company in Hong Kong. TV lucky draw prize also.

  36. ooooh same for me and I’m going to prank them and have ‘fun’ with them about it. Any suggestions? Wonderful effort to scam we should return them wonderful effort of pranks.

  37. I have the same call recieve…
    and i really trusted it…
    because i need the money for
    my sister uni fee..
    howeve since th china lady to be sooo nice
    They told me not to tell anyome till i get my
    however my smart sister still find out i get that luckly draw call
    and she told me it a scams
    my sister told me that if i dont believe her
    i can check it on the net.
    which i did and confirm that it a scams
    however without delay i transfer all my money
    to a join account that once my parent made for me


  38. I have the same call recieve…
    and i really trusted it…
    because i need the money for
    my sister uni fee..
    howeve since th china lady to be sooo nice
    They told me not to tell anyome till i get my
    however my smart sister still find out i get that luckly draw call
    and she told me it a scams
    my sister told me that if i dont believe her
    i can check it on the net.
    which i did and confirm that it a scams
    however without delay i transfer all my money
    to a join account that once my parent made for me . without my mum , they cant get the money… and the account no.
    i given them was 0 bucks inside.
    i think they wont call once they find out
    i am poor because i am not working…
    well i will ask them where my money :X
    if they ever called again


  39. When they call you make sure, you speak softly, that is barely audible. After that ask them to turn up the volume. Continue to be soft and randomly let out a scream. They had a jolt of their lives! They slam the phone immediately. I swear they Nvr call again

  40. Have a call about a month ago saying that they doing a survey on wellness like spa, next the girl say that they are launching a new spa in Singapore n Malaysia, hoping that I could attend the launching with some of the hong kong star. I was given a Gold Membership No. A421469 (hope 4d will open :)). Yesterday, the girl call again asking whether did I attend the launch, as I had forgotten about it , as usual my reply is no then she proceed to say that she will check my membership for me.Next, she will congratulate me for winning the 3rd prize (jazzuri n massage bed, which is big size) n she will recommend that i change it for cash which is S$109,000. She will also get her head’s office to call me back. Today, a guy call from hong kong saying that he is ready to transfer the cash to me by tomorrow’s 5pm but need me to settle the tax in hong kong (as I am a regular traveller to hong kong) my reply is that I will pay it in hong kong when I am there. But he insist that I pay a safety bond to his company so that his company will not be implicated if I do not pay the tax. As I was so angry with that, I told him off n slam down the phone.

    PRC Girl will call from Malaysia (+006 065278475)
    PRC Guy will call from Hong Kong (+008 5219890037 or +008 5253901549)
    the guy will have some tricks like halfway through the conversation, phone will ring n he will tell the other party that the money had already tranfer over they need to wait for 10-15min more then 5-10min later the phone will ring again he will congratulate them n say he did not lie to them. *note the guy did not speak in cantonese tune mandarin

  41. i had this call which is from HK saying i won a lucky draw of 3 pax to Taiwan, HK and Macua worth SGD167,200.00 they are very persistent, i say cant go, then they say can convert to cash with a admin charge of 10%. this lady WEN HUI from Alice Shopping Centre dealing with Jewels in Hong Kong (hp : 852 68870927, ofc : 852-30501053×806). telling me that the money of SGD152000.00 is ready for TT at 1pm or 4pm today. then telling me they have do documentation to ensure that this is not money laundering. there comes the best part.

    inorder to proceed with the TT, they need to submit some docs to HK MAS to get approval and there will need a so called dep of 3% (SGD4560) and cant be deducted thru the SGD152000.00. so ask me to go HK and pay the amount or pay thru TT from Spore.

    i told her i do not have, she say is not her problem. ask me go find. keep calling my hp and called my office line. i oso duno hw they got my office line. i told her i reali do not have the money, then she hang up the phone.

    one more nos to take note. their so call central bank contact : 852-306906371.

    please be aware.

    • Hi Joyce, I just got the same call from Alice. But I’ve yet to gone onto the next stage as I said I have to consider if I can go for the 17-day trip. ha! Perhaps make her believe that I’m more interested in the trip than the $$$. Then maybe the story will take on another path. ha!

  42. I received a call from this Chinese lady saying that she is promoting some charity thing for an organisation in Little India. She still ask me if I know Little India…Serangoon Road like trying to affirm that she knows Singapore. I told her I do not believe her as my phone caller ID shows her call is from overseas and from HK. Then after I told her I am not interested to talk to her and I hang up.

    Pls beware of all these scamm. They will change form and story just to get you to transfer money to them. I know there are some so call “scam hunter” that play along with the scammer and waste their time and money on overseas follow up call.

    BTW, the lady called me from +008 5219890037 which is the same number as an earlier post.

  43. I just received the call yesterday,n they told me I won a second prize…so n so.everything is the same.money would be transfer to my bank today.lets see what tricks are they up too again.n I could share it with the next victims

  44. Same thing happened to me. Received a call on 18th October from a fluent mandarin speaking lady (assuming is from china due to her accent), informing that their company will be having a event/exhibition in PWTC Malaysia on 19th October 2012. Answered some survey questions and finally the PRC girl gave me a code for entry IF i am about to visit their so call event. A week later, i have been receiving numerous call every day from a HK number +852, but I did not bother to answer at all.

    Finally on the 15th NOV, I answered the call (this time was a HK cantonese lady) and was refreshed about the event and they informed that I have won the 3rd price which share among 2 others. The amount I have won is HKD 600,000. Basic info etc acc no, name, identification number was asked in order to transfer the money to my Malaysia account. They even inform that the winner was announced at Jiayu TV (ASTRO). I called up PWTC and asked on event’s which held on 19th but was told there was no event on that day itself. Next, I even called on Jiayu TV office and was told that no such thing existed. The girl in Jiayu TV says few people call their office and ask about this price announcement. Hahahaha…

    Finally the Hongkong lady (speaks fluent cantonese) called and say money is ready but I need to call an independent lawyer (+852 6813 8400 Lawyer Chow) to verify my details and LAWYER CHOW (SHE) will further guide me. I called CHOW and she do some basis verification and lastly ask me to call up Hang Seng bank to instruct for TT. A temporary acc no and password was given. I will call up the bank and see how it goes…

    * to be update* ^——–^

  45. Hi all. Recently I’ve also received such call from this number +85281928560 saying that they were calling from this company call 香港康勝電子科技有限公司, and that I have won their first prize of a Europe trip for 4, which eventually have converted into cash prize of HKD$554,368 as I could not make it for the trip.

    She asked me if I know why I have gotten this prize. Of course I don’t know and can’t remember! She said something like I did a survey for the company regarding about some electronic products and last month of so when they were in Singapore for their show, lucky draw was made and I was one of the winner for this highest prize.

    This company has a website http://www.kasenghk.com/. I went to look at it, the website seems real (but I can’t confirm if it’s real). If anyone can help me verify this?

    She even gave me an account no. and password saying that the money is already in this account and had given me number to call and confirm it. I did as what she says, i called the number and used the account no. and password and the amount in this account was right! HKD$554,368. So I start asking myself, is this real? It seems real as they gave me the account no. and password with the correct amount.

    Then, she asked me to call this no. 85267270839 to get this amount transfer to my singapore account. So, I went to call and ask for the customer service officer to do the transfer for me. She sounded professional (but can only speak chinese), tell her UOB name in chinese, she knows it is called UOB, so I assumed that she is a professional. She told me that all documents to make this transfer were in except one document.

    So I went to call the company and told them about it and today, they got back to me. They say this document requires an upfront payment of 4.5% of the prize amount, and is requested by the bank. I don’t know what to do now.. She said like if you are not comfortable with this, you can give up the prize because there is no other ways that the company can help with this 4.5%. I was like, seriously?! No other alternatives?!

    Any advice?

    • This is an obvious scam. Without any verification and just calling you on the phone, not company will just give you an account and password to an account with money in it. Furthermore, did you actually sign up anything in a survey recently and what stupid show did they have? These can all be verified. The reason the PR knows UOB and POSB because they have been scamming Singaporeans, of course, they know what banks we have.

  46. just heard over theMalaysian radio this morning that Malaysia and Chinese police busted one such scamming operations in Malaysia this morning. over 50 people arrested including Taiwanese and Chinese..

  47. This is a REALLY SPAM. I had receive all this inform too by stupid I had sg$10k to them. And given all my inform. i had already make a police report.
    Company are http://www.kasenghk.com tel:852-81928560 name in charge are jia Jin Jin n lim jun. bank 852-67270839 and another one was under so call sg turf club name GAO 852-51025931 all are very pro and good in talking.
    I’m waiting for them to call me back and see what’s their next plan.

    • Same wit me, but my company is guanhhk her name is yang Mei ling phone no 85281209585 and the turf city GAO is 85251015532

  48. They’re still doing it. Just received the call today, now they’re called 天堃電子 (tiankun, based in hk) and they do not have any website (“it’s under maintenance” she said)

    Number: +85281916399

    Woman on the line is Taiwanese and very convincing. Said lucky draw was held at orchard road. Even dished out names like Gain City, Ngeeann City, Far East Plaza …… must be super experienced in scamming people!

    I did a full account of my experience here: http://shimworld.wordpress.com/2007/11/21/hong-kong-scam-alert/#comment-25643

  49. Well well, these hong kong cheater are coming back……how many years had passed?
    They are still using the same technique…LOL

  50. Got a call from hong kong and the story similar. Just that she told me I wont a rolex worth HK$517k. After deduct tax and forex exchange, I will be getting RM144.5k nett.

    This is the terrifying part… She actually got my name and IC number correct!! From where the scam organisation got my informations?

  51. they are still at it……….. they told me that i had won a limited edition patek philppe worth SGD190,000 and i had the option to collect the watch or have the cash deposit into my account…….

    next, she asked for my bank account number and i told her that i dont have it with me now and asked her to email the forms to me…………. instead, she propose to call back later

    she leave her contact number as +852 3069 7707

  52. Next time if anyone got call from the scammers ask u whether got saw the tv program, say yes. Then tell them you watch the whole programme but no lucky draw… see how the scammer responds…

  53. Thanks for all these sharing……
    Wow, I too just rec’d this kind of call just in Early August & September 2013 still. Their Company’s Name is : JuHu Housrhold Electrical Appliances Ltd, their names were Ling Dan Dan – Hp : 852 3069 7355), Accountant : Jin Ling – Hp : 852 5376 8373 , O : 852 3069 7366, their Director Ai, Malaysia winner – Mr Ong – (Hp : 60 327884793) a biz owner from KL, latest call just yesterday – 9 SEPT 2013 from CoCo Tang (Hp : 852 5376 8362).
    Anyway, CAUTION when one needs u to pay an amount just to claim a big price money, we should just take it as a pure scam whatever it may be.
    Many may fall into such scams as they are attracted by the huge amount won. 😁

  54. Their trick was almost the same . Most of them will use the topic lucky draw say’s that u have won a big prize . Some are very clever to ask you did u traveled in this few months did you ? So that they will have a chance to get some sweetness fm you .

  55. I just got the same call today…..

    This scam thought we are so stupid. With internet we can search almost everything and they are the stupid ones using the same number 852 30697707 over and over again with different names. Li Dan, Wang Li, etc…..

  56. Hi Guys, I have been receiving the same phone calls from apparently a lady named Wu Pei Zhen from a HK telecommunications company called GUASENGHK.COM. The 1st phone call came in to invite me for a electronics road show some where in funan, but I turned them down. Then around a month later in October, the same PRC Girl called again and this time to informed me that I have won a 3rd price for hoilday to south america worth HKD$544,368 but because I didn’t turn up at the event they are calling me now to confirm and collect the price.

    I didn’t believe her at first hand but she was very persuasive and in the end I gave my name and IC number for verification. and after that she gave me a so-called private banking line (Xiang Gang Jing Rong Guan Li Ju Wai Hui) @ (852)65278578, and told me to check if the amount has be credited into an account under my name.

    Up till that moment I still wasn’t convinced by her and hence I took the effort to check if such cases were common and too my relief/shock… I found this blog. Now For sure I am convinced and am planning something in return for these shrewds from China!! This is just too much…


    WEBSITE: http://guasenghk.com
    TEL: (852) 8175 0256

    To all who have had such experience, hope you didn’t get conned.. And appreciate that to the rest of you please share your experience here and reveal these crooks/conman ploy on this blog.

    I do hope the Hong Kong / Singapore government or Interpol can do something about this crimes. It is very disappointing and alarming that the authorities can let this slip through for so many years.

    Thank you for reading and wishing you guys a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2014!!


  57. Hi, I have encountered similar experience today and luckily I have good friend who gave a smack on my head to double check everything.

    Firstly, I would like to say that it is a very well elaborated act and very persistent.

    Now the details:
    I was called by a chinese girl called Wang Zi Xuan (+85230697393) informing me about an event in hosted by this company called Yue Wang 粤旺饮食. Note: It is a legitimate company involved food processing, manufacturing and chain restaurant. They probably just use the name and reputation of a real company as smoke screen.

    Few weeks later, the same girl called me and ask if I went to the event. Once I said I didn’t, she told me that I won a prize in lucky draw and was trying to contact me for me to claim the car. Since the event is long over, the prize (an AudiQ-series claimed to worth HK dollar 1.1 mil) is shifted back to Hong Kong but they reserved the prize for the winner. Then she asked me when I can go down to Hong Kong to verify the car. I told her I had to arrange my schedule.

    After 2 weeks (I did not pick up her call), I finally picked up her call and she asked me why I never give a confirmation to her. I told her I was busy and finally have free time, and need time to decide on the matter.

    The next time I received a call, it was a different girl with surname Ye (+85251044244). This girl sounded a lot more professional and friendly.She convinced me to make a decision quick and I did. So the next day, I called and told her that I am not going down to Hong Kong since the cost of bringing the car would basically bankrupt me.(taxes from 2 countries, maintenance, road tax, etc is beyond my current earnings).So I asked for alternative.

    She told me that her company would help me sell the car and once the decision is made I could not revoke my decision. So, I said decision is final.

    2 days later, I received call from her stating that the car is sold back to the manufacturer for 88% of original price, which is HKD 960k. And she asked me to give her my full name and account number for transferring the money. Once I did, she confirmed with me on receiving my details and told me that her company will arrange with their attorney to make arrangement for the fund transfer. I gave her my full account details with international swift code.

    The next day, she told me that the fund was ready to transfer and she gave me a Hong Kong international financial centre or some sort and asked me to personally called to confirm on the fund transfer. When I called the supposedly financial centre, there is no stating of what organization, just selection of a few sections to go to. “3” was to talk to the operator. When I talk to the operator, apparently a very busy guy, he confirmed with me my details and said the transfer will be done in 2 hours. Now, there’s the catch i was not expecting. He said i still lack 1 document before the transfer can be processed, in chinese 来源证明公文, which is document to verify the fund.

    Afterwards, I told the Miss Ye about the document and she sounded surprised and said need to check with her attorney. Few hours later, she called back and told me that that new Hong Kong regulation requires fund transfer or anything more than 100,000 USD need the document sent to 香港公证处 (Hong Kong Authorities). That was because there was a case where a Taiwanese used Hong Kong as an outlet to do money laundering. Thus, Hong Kong government was sued in international court. So, I have 2 choices to get the document. I can either go to Hong Kong to get it done myself or do it through their attorney.

    Doing through their attorney requires me to send details of my passport and then Hoola… need to put deposit for a government linked account created by their attorney to obtain the document. it was 2.3% at about SGD 3634. I actually asked my friend to lend me the money before she gave a big smack on my head saying that some of her friends got cheated before. That drove me to investigate the matter.

    Well, I called Hong Kong Police Department to clarify.

    Hong Kong Police Commercial and Technology Crime Operator clarified:
    1. Hong Kong government has no regulation on international fund transfer to accept deposit
    2. There is no such department called 香港公证处, but there is a similar private company called 公证行
    3. Many Singaporeans and Malaysian called to verify or report scam.


    Beware people, the girl who talked to me sounds very professional. She could answer all inquires regarding the process of transferring the money, her company, how her company want to expand into Singapore. She is very convincing, and sound like a person actually working in that line for quite some time.

  58. I got same case, is guaseng.hk phone no : 85281750256. this time they change their tactic. make it short, i choose the cash instead of travel to Europe. then she say the cash will be transferred to ur account without any cost. i gave her my account no and name, i strongly believe that they cant do anything just with my name and account. before that, she ask me to call this 香港金融外汇中心 to ensure under my name got HKD 544,368.00, phone no 85265278578 。by keying in temporary account no and password, the operator will tell u the amount that registered under ur name. last step is awaiting for transfer. they will handle it.

    but, as expected, rejected, they start to act shock and tell u they will find out wat is happening and come back to u.
    Now the story comes, lack of a document, 资金往来证明文件。 4.5% of ur total amount, need to pay before they can transfer the money. is around sgd 4k.

    they i direct cut off, dun give any cents, since we are not getting any at the beginning.
    If the lucky money can be transferred in. then just get if, or else pls give up.

    • Mine is the same story as yours!
      Same company and also travel to Europe.
      She called me just now and chatted for 30 minutes. I even put her on hold for 10 minutes because I need to take call from work and she waited.
      Anyway, she said she will transfer the money next Monday.
      If I have time, I think I can play around with her.

      • Wow, Although i always believe there’s no such thing as a free lunch, I almost fall into this scam. Luckily i saw this post. I just ended the call with the lady, I am at the stage where she ask me to choose a date and she will buy me the air ticket. I think she is going to call me again soon, should i continue the game with her? LOL

  59. Pls more beware of this company. They call them as hong kong ding sheng electronics ptd. A lady call Ling hui qing the calling number 85281915271. And also beware they call them as hong kong turf city together the six mark lottery. A lady address her as Ms Guo the manager. she told me she born in hong kong year 1966 have 3 kid. And berware her colleagues address her self Ms Ling. The calling number 85251015532 or 85253905023. They also told me calling the number hong kong monetary authority bank number 85265278578. They are same fake company also link together. Pls not transfer your money to the account of kun bin wang, pu zheng and xi dong wu. Be alerts. They are scammer. I have reported to my local police for further investigation.

  60. hong kong ding sheng electronics ptd. I received a call from a lady last yr in dec. puzzled over why this hk lady has such perfect Chinese accent. She called and invited me to join their event at far east shopping mall/ far east plaza. She is very persistant, and really convincing, explaining how their company is gonna expand in singapore. I knew this whole thing feels suspicious, but still I (stupidly) gave them my particulars except bank account no. After which she said she needs to do some verification on my particulars and left her contact no.: +852 81915271/Lin hui ting(a mother with 3 kids). Thank god i’m (still) smart enough to google~

  61. I received phone calls today too. They have been calling since last year. I guess today is the 4th time I receive their calls. The previous times I didnt really pay much attention to the scams calls.

    First time was last year 13th November(mention by them on the 4th calls).
    I remember they just call me saying that I’m invited to an event in Orchard as they have some lucky prize going on and they didn’t see me there at all. They also mention that I’ve won the 3rd prize of HKD $50,000 +++(which I dont remember the exact amount). I was busy that day so I just ignore the call. Plus i dont believe i’m such a lucky person to win these kind of prizes.

    2nd time they called again which is around a week after the “event” saying that I didnt went down to collect my prize and therefore they helped me to keep the amount of money. As usual I just ignore the calls.

    3rd time they called around Jan before CNY. I answered the call saying I’m busy and therefore they didnt say much.

    4th time they called TODAY. Finally a day I’m at home when they called. They hide their caller ID when they call me. I didnt know of such scams before they called today as I didnt went online to check. A lady with good chinese acent which is obviously from China as I doubt much HK girls are able to speak in such accurate chinese. She introduced herself saying that she is Fang Zi Yi 方子Yi(I dont know which YI she is referring to) calling from Ding Sheng electronics 頂勝電子公司. At first she started saying about the event last year in november. They are from HK and they came Singapore for an event last year and is held in orchard. At first I’m really convinced by them as this is not the first time I receive their calls and I thought that it might be real case that I won this sum of money. I was like “wow! they actually keep this sum of money for me!” LOL.

    She went on about how I manage to win this money as I answered some of their questions regarding their electronics and therefore I got the lucky draw number sk2639. She also said that among the prizes, I’m the only lucky ones that won the cash prize as the rest are just other electronics items. Next she eleborate on saying that if I dont believe her, I can search online to check and if she is a scam she wont be calling me and tell me about the event asking me to go down to the event. Just for me to believe that this is not a scam call, she convinced me for 10 mins.

    Next, she said that if I need to collect this amount of money, I need to do some verification with her. But before she ask me for verification, she asked about what job I’m doing and if I got the money how am I going to spend it etc. She also start saying that if I got the money I shouldn’t share this news with friends as they might start asking you for treats etc. She also say that if I got the money, I should buy her a meal. She is real naggy…I almost wanna tell her that if you want to verify my details please do so as I don’t feel like chatting so much with you.

    After wasting 25 minutes of bullshit, she finally want some verification. She said she has to fill up a form to confirm my identify. But all these through verbal verification. So I asked if she is able to send the form to me for me to fill it up myself instead of verbal verification, she stumbled. She said she has to ask her manager regarding this. (Just email me the form and she has to consult her manager regarding this? I bet her manager has nothing much to do too.) She also say that she is working half day today so she will reply my call on Monday. She gave me her number +852 81915271 and also tell me that she is working from 9am-5.30pm weekdays.

    So after hanging up the call I started checking this number and I came across this post. Phew. Lucky I checked and I didnt got scam by them. So beware everyone! I shared my experience too so I do hope other people with the same situation as me dont get scam by them!

    • Hi Chan.. oh great, we both won the 3rd prize from the same event and same company. Perhaps we shall go collect it tgt or sth? LOL!

        • I received the same phone call today from Ding Sheng. She told me before hand to attend an event at orchard. Also 3rd price. The lucky draw number and prize amount the same also. Contact no also +852 81915271. Only different is using the name of Luo Jing Ling.

    • Hi. From Ben I also got the call number from hong kong ding sheng electronics ptd ltd on the dec and the lady tell me the event also at orchard road 01012014. Enter number and lucky SK2639. And also win 3 prize same. Pls beware and beware it.

  62. Hi Ben, Jen & Chan, Tee here. I won 3rd price too but from different company call MEI MEI & they have upgrade their technique, this time they allow you to go to their webpage & check have you won the price or not.

    Last Wednesday receive a call said i won 3rd price last year, then change finance department to call me, Say congratulation & take my information in between she have a phone call say that the product ready and it costly. At the same day i call to Hong Kong the building admin & check, there is no this company exist in their list.

    After I read all the MSG above I’m so exciting, I was think what to say if they call again for money.

    HAH today they call again saying last week is a busy week for them, till today only have time settle my case, they have already send the info to the bank & waiting the bank to reply if there is any issues. After an hour So-call a banker & said there is an issues they need a letter form authorize letter from the company only they can release the prize & bank in to my account. Is that funny. As a company wan to issue cash /cheque or transfer money to one of the account & they need more info, they will only call the one who give instruction what for to call the payee??? After hang up the phone wait for 15min i call back to the same number already switch off the phone perhaps she is waiting me to call to another phone. One strong curiosity Why Hong Kong Banker speak mandarin? not cantonese?

    Maybe after an hour the MM finance personnel call & said bank had call her so she will help me to declare all the info but i need to pay 6% as a security deposit which is RM5,800. Now here come the main point. I told her i don have that much money to pay for, then she say is it because the cheating case that’s why i don believe? i said no i believe you, what can you do to help me to get this prize worth of RM96,000? she say maybe she can discuss with her manager that she can help me to pay RM2,800.00 the rest i have to pay for it. Then i told her “but i only can pay RM200 is it ok for you to pay the rest?” She say ” I would like you to claim you prize but you have to figure out how to get your prizes.” Then i said ” 无福消受“ surprise that she sounds don understand. Lol… she keep asking am I don’t believe that i already won the prize? I said no i believe i won & i believe you have put in effort to help me claim the prize but when come to the final requirement i can’t fulfill mean the prize is not belong to me. I’m sorry & Thank for you effort. HAHAHA…… It is an experience for the scam… but have to thanks all of you to share the experience & the story.

  63. Hi Tee, just saw your comment about the scam and it’s exactly same as mine where the call is from Mei & Mei. I thought of want to play with them by giving them a correct account no but fake ic information. However, when they did verification with me, they seem know my 6 digit in front ic information is fake by spelling the number out which caused me so surprise. I have accidentally expose my full ic information to them. Now started to afraid that they will use my information wrongly coz they have my full name, ic, phone no and account no. Not sure did you done the same thing as me? But i think they will have next step where they will ask money from just as your case. I plan to log a police report for this and thinking how to play fool with them again when they call next week.

    • yup. They have my info as well. Till now they still calling me, at first show Hong Kong number but few time i didn’t answer the phone they change to use private phone, until i told them, i won trust them as so many cases had disclose online & is unbelievable that i need to lock a deposit before i get the prize. I told them i have call to Hong Kong & check their address but they said there is no such company in that building. Of-cause i have show a bit rude to them, at first wanna play with them but is quite annoying when buzy. Please be aware that not only this case.

      Recently few of my staff have receive a call form AM Bank saying is the credit card problem will ask you all call to one of the number which belong to Bank Negara Malaysia. When you call them they will take down all your info & will tell you, you can’t disclose this to anyone. Then they will give u one pin code to let you key in to you ATM machine. Then the money in your saving will be disappear. Beware there are several case had happen.

  64. wow…… thanks for sharing and indeed was very helpful and useful. As usual most of the people know that spams are happening all over but still we may got caught some time out there. It would be even good if anyone who have caught spam to share their experience. It will be then a true story that everyone can refer as a lesson.

    Same old story happen to me this week. It was really annoying. in fact a few months ago, one Chinese lady called and asked me to attend an jewelry event in KLCC and I told them that I can’t make it as I am not available and she asked me to watch the live TV show in I don’t know which ever channel (i did pay much attention).

    Almost now 3 to 4 months later, they called and asking me why I did not pick up their call as they have been calling numerous of time (I don’t like to pick up a BLOCKED call that often) but obviously I told them I am busy. Then she start to speak to me in Mandarin (very professionally) with all those crappy thing saying I was lucky to got a watch that cost MYR200K. After minus all I can still get MYR144K. It sound fishy but just want to know how they do it as I have heard but never come across 🙂 Since the company is Olai from Hong Kong, I requested to speak in Cantonese as my Mandarin is not good. She told me she is from China based in Hong Kong and can’t speak in Cantonese. OK. dadada…… this lady that lady, this number that number. No one speak Cantonese in Hong Kong..hahah.. don’t they think is hilarious. It’s OK.. I told myself to be patience.

    Here come their motive, just to get the 4% of our money?? Is this worth it?? STOP being so crappy and is very annoying towards the end. They keep on talking and talking trying to convenience (thinking we are such a fool). I told them that this is a money that unexpected. I lost nothing if I don’t get this money but I will lost my MYR5K if you did not return to me in 3 working days time. If you want to give me the cash, I am more than happy but for me to take out the money NO WAY. She still did not give up and I said I would consider (actually was reading this site while she is talking) Talk and talk and talk and she know that I am annoying, she said OK will call me back.

    Oh ya, I even check website that during the day mentioned there are really an exhibition hapenning in KLCC. They know my name and IC. This is kind of professional. I wanted to call up to check from Malaysia and Hong Kong companies or partners that involved but after reading this page, it will be a waste of my time.

    After 15 mins. call 3 times but I did not pick up.. I am tired of them. Best of luck and do not get con. Work hard and smart for our self and we don’t really need all this 🙂

  65. The number 85251015532 turf city is still going on and this number 85281209585 from the guan hong company .do they saw this website?how to report to police ?

  66. Hi All, just sharing, I was so close to be cheated till my brother found this website about this scam for me to read.
    Till this day, 1 year later, they still call me to ask why I not claiming my 2nd prize of a sport car. Nowadays, I just tell them that I am not interested as I need to transfer a deposit to claim prize.
    Or just don’t answer unique numbers.
    And always remember not to be greedy regardless of how attractive prize was, so as not to fall pry.

  67. Similarly to te rest, a Chinese speaking lady called with from Hong Kong using private phone line today. She mentioned that I won the 3rd prize which is diamond that worth S$124k and it has been more than 3 months, why I didn’t claim the prize when their collegues contacted me in Mar.
    I have no idea if I had received any such calls.

    I could collect the diamond in person or transfer to cash (S$96k after deduction from the 20% hong kong tax) . She asked for my bank account no,DOB, NRIC, name for verification.

    The manager also followed up with a call to confirm that it’s not a scam. She put me on hold to pick up 2 calls, I think it’s delibrate as she wanted to me to hear the background conversation, just to convince me that the company is real.

    The following are the particulars which I gathered over the conversation:
    The company: Bai Fen Bai Gou Huo Shang Chang (translated as “100% shopping Centre”)
    The assistant: Ye Xiao Ling +00852 30697811
    The manager Yang Yu Lan +852 67063131 (HP)

    I’m not so sure if it’s a scam till I check this site before I make any decision.
    Thanks to those who share the information.
    Any way to report the scam?

  68. I just came across this site, seems like they are still at it after so many years..

    So apparently I won second prize at a charity sales on 3rd may 2014, at Takashimaya. They said that they could not reach me on that day and had kept the money for me.

    I’m currently at the stage where I’m waiting for the accountant to call me to ‘confirm the transfer’, thankfully I found many useful information from the comments to use if they ask me for the deposit. 😉

    company: ding feng ji tuan 鼎风集团
    caller name: Qiu Wen Hui
    director name: Zhou Yu Jie
    Number: +852 81916636

    The story has so much similarities as the rest posted here!
    It started with me doing a phone survey about electronics for them, then they gave me a number for the lucky draw and informed me about the event at orchard.

    I have not heard from them since may till the start of the month. That’s when they called to ask if I went for the event, and since I didn’t, telling me it was a pity as the event had a lot of people and was really fun.

    Then they told me that I had won second place, which is HK$660,000 worth of travel package for 4, and I had to redeem in 2 months. They said they tried to reach me on that day but could not get to me, and I did remember I received a miss call from a private number on a Saturday.. So I was really unsure about everything. But I told them I did not have time to travel and she told me they had taken that into consideration and I could convert it to cash.

    The person was really friendly though, probably trying to make me believe her, which I did, sadly. She told me some personal things about her family and her kids, and then asked about what would I do after I received the money. Then she said she need to submit the form to the director since I want to convert the prize to cash, and asked for my full chinese and english name, NRIC, DOB, and accunt number. I believed her at that moment and gave them to her, and she told me to call the number after 5 minutes as she would need about 3min to go up to submit. And told me to call her back in the afternoon since by then I should have received the money and she could finalise the things on her side.

    I could not make the call as it was international dialling, and waited till the next day so I can use my international dial card which was at home. She called me again and asked why had I not call her and I said I could not make the call, and I told her I would try again the following Monday as I was quite busy, but after the call I found some time and called over. The person tried to direct my call to the director but apparently she was busy, and I was told she would call me back later. About 15 minutes later I got the call (all the while their call is always a private number) and she double confirmed my bank account number after a bit of chatting. She told me as the accountant does not work under them but someone the sponsors had hired for this event, so I would probably receive a call from the account on Monday, and she told me to make sure that they could reach me on Monday.

    So now I’m waiting for Monday to come around and the call from the accountant. During the many calls they made a point trying to prove that they are a legit company, and that they have branches in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and mainland China, and that now they are planning to open a chain in SG as well, and told me to go down to support when they open, and Wen Hui even told me she will be flying to SG and told me she would call me and let me guide her around SG.

    I’ll post again after I get the call on mon! 🙂

    P.S: in the meantime I’ve received a call from a private number, the speaker is a PRC, and was doing a survey on Sentosa.. Let’s see if things repeat itself~ 😉

  69. I’ve received the same call as FLY. An alarm in my head went off when she asked me if I attended their event on 12th April at Suntec City and informed me that I won a diamond worth SGD120,000. But I was curious as to how she intend to con me of my money, so I listened on. While I listened to her, I started to search for “lucky draw fraud” and found this page.
    After 10 minutes, she has yet to get to the point about what I was suppose to do to collect the prize, so I just asked her to email me the details instead. She then said that she is only a customer service with a duty to inform and her colleague had already mailed a notice. I didn’t want to waste any more time to entertain her (as this is really starting to bore me), so I told her that I do not wish to collect the prize. She asked if I was concerned with the legitimacy of the draw and I told her yes. She tried to reassure me that this is real, and asked me if I am certain that I would like to forfeit the prize (and not to blame her if I saw the results of the draw in the papers at a later date). When I replied yes, she politely said her good byes and hang up.

    The caller sound professional and well trained. Please do spread the news to your friends and family, especially your elders, warn them not to disclose any information to strangers on the phone (irregardless of the prizes they promised).

  70. I got the call too. First time was to tell me about an event that they were holding at Orchard. They were launching their jewellery shop in SG. Asked for my name and age and I told them a fake name.

    They called me again 2 weeks later saying that they had an event in HK on TV and that I won 3rd prize, which I did not claim. So they asked me for my full name, bank acct no, birthday and IC no. No reason for me to give all these info over the phone. I just told them that I will call them back later and they gave me the number +852-3071-7626 and ask for Miss Zhou. They said they will open from 9am to 6pm.

    Wasted 10 minutes of my life.

    • I received phone calls saying I won dunno what travel package worth hkd 260000.
      Ask me claim, even tell me come down to some place in sg to register.

      I anyhow answered the prc gal and she offer to convert the prize to cash and told me it required my bank acct no and things. Even give co website: http://www.ysq….

      Any takers?

  71. I received similar calls about 3 years ago, incomplete overseas phone no. from HK or PRC. The lady will asked whether you spoke mandarin and say she call from a company (she speak fast enough that you can’t catch the name). She will say not too worry as she call for some market survey, she will ask for your name, age group and job tittle. By then, i already can smell the “phone scam” and gave her the wrong info. She thanked me and informed that someone will call again before ending the conversation.

    2nd call – the lady told me they are a jewelry company who has a branch at Takashimaya (but again i can’t search for the company in the internet). The lady mentioned that they have put me in the lucky draw list in one of the china channel and asked me to watch the channel for the lucky draw result. Again, how could they put me in the list just by the market survey? I play with their games.

    After a period of time (abt less then 2 months?), they call again and asked me if i watched the show. I said no and they said i’ve won a prize – a jewelry. They said i would have to go HK and claim it or else they could help me to convert my prize into SGD and transmitted to my bank account. They are really persistent by calling several times to get my bank details and asked me if i do not trusted them. Of course, i just ignored the call and they have stopped calling me thereafter.

    Recently, i received similar call again! Again, strike with so much of the similarities:
    i. PRC ascent
    ii. incomplete phone no.
    iii. 1st call – claims its for market survey (of course, i gave the wrong information)
    iv. 2nd call – remind me of the event which their company would be holding at Botanic Garden

    For sure they would call again. Nevertheless, their bad intention is still the same thou they change their tactics. I do not know how they get my number but i really hate these scammers go around and try to cheat others’ hard-earn money and not knowing how to stop them or report them to authorities as the phone no. shown in my hp was incomplete. Even thou, i wouldn’t fall into these trap but there still have some innocent souls fall into such scams.

    So guy, please be aware. They are very persistent, sound professional, etc., you can just ignored them from the very beginning or else you could play along with them (its really up to you).

    If you have register you phone no. with the DNC registry, they aren’t suppose to call you at all. The DNC registry does cover overseas caller call to a SG phone. So, please do provide the info to PDPC for further investigation. Thanks.

  72. first day got a call from unkown number saying i got a prize. 2nd time i got this type of call and she say i do not need to pay a single cent and get my detail for verify purpose and will get back to me again. i do not have money so no point calling to me if i need to pay any money. i told her this and she say will verify with higher management and if it correct i do not pay a single cent. first day and will have the next story coming up. lol.. need more detail email me at huangjunjie1984@gmail.com to check with me to discuss this type scam.

  73. Its 2015 and their scam is still ongoing. claims to be calling from 万昌电子科技有限公司 the PRC girl name is huang zi yi. Unknown number. Same tactics.
    1st call – Survey on Phone model and ask me to go down to the event at far east plaza.
    2nd call – Called to ask if I did attend the event, I said no. so she go on to say I won 3rd prize(HKD 520000) and repeatedly assure me its not a scam. (Duh..)
    I asked for their address in Hong Kong(Somewhere in Kowloon) and their number(852-81973982). I straight away google and I cant find sh*t. They will say they will be opening up branches in singapore and will even invite you to their grand opening blah blah blah. Its a SCAM. Don’t believe any of it.

  74. Wow. I am seriously shock to see this is about the same as I experienced. 1st, I got a survey call and I just responded thinking whatever. 2nd, , about a month later I got a call saying from what”万豪百货公司”inviting me to attend their 15th anniversary in hong kong which I say cannot. so they told me to watch their show on some channel(cant remember). 3rd, about a month from last call she call again saying I won a trip to Europe which I say I could not make it so she suggested to convert it money (560,000 hong kong currency) and ask for bank acc no and ic no which I gave. After that she call back a few time to discuss about that and one day a bank manager of a bank in hong kong call (the weird thing is that the number shown is of my country used number) asking me to go hongkong ti get a document to make that transfer possible and to do it within 4 hour…. I contacted the lady of that company and she say she don’t know and will check. And in a matter of a few hours (so fast) she call and goes on talking about that document and finally say that I need to pay 5800 to a gov officer representative through bank transfer which would later return to me. I say I didn’t have that much and we continue to talk for an hour (seriously an hour) minutes later she call saying that she could help me guarantee some money(half). I almost fell for it and wire the money which I didn’t and I told her to postpone it and that I would settle the document myself in hongkong gov department. She say ok. To my surprise she call again (I was almost got into thinking that I is real) but give a dead line (a month). In the process I tried to find the company through internet to which have some but not quite official . I have asked her to provide the website of my winning of prize which she say coincidentally down. I have also askes her to provide trustable identity of that gov representative which she just bla.. bla through. She also ask me if I doubted her. Most importantly I should say they are pretty much organized GROUP. Not just one person. My advice is that if possible consult someone knowledgeable in “transfer money field”(lawyer or..) and ask if it is really required to pay certain thing OR just affirm your stand not to pay a single cent and that you would close the call immediately if payment is required by you.

  75. I got a call sometime ago in Nov last year. It was a Chinese lady so I already was on high alert that it was a potential scam. Surprisingly, they didnt ask much. Just asked for my name and promoted some event. Obviously, I didnt go for it. I didnt even know what they were trying to sell.

    Today, I got a call again. Saying I won 3rd prize from the event. I told her I did not go to the event and to be honest, already forgotten the phone call even happened. She explained to me saying that it was because I had accepted their call and provided my name so it was automatically put into the lucky draw, blablabla. I sounded emotionless, not happy winning the 3rd prize and I asked her “So what do you want?” She started to get defensive, lol. “What do you mean by what I want? Im only here to congratulate you.” Whatever. She spoke of some HK company, expanding into SG. My Mandarin is bad so I couldnt really understand her. I wanted to tell her shes a fake but couldnt express it well in Mandarin. She said they held the event at Far East Plaza on 28 Nov 2015. Kept asking me to tell her if I have any concerns. Truth was, I didnt even know how to address my concerns in Mandarin well so I told her there are so many phone scams now, how do I know if the company is legit. She got slightly mad “What do you mean by our company is fake?” LOL. Joke. By then, I could confirm 100% scam. I said if I won something, usually people dont just ask for my details over the phone. Maybe email address so they could send some sort of confirmation. Anyway, she sensed that I’m a failed target so she gave me her number and told me that I could call her again after doing my investigation. Her name is Fang xiaojie.

    Had already emailed Far East Plaza asking them about an event on 28 Nov 2015. Shall see.

  76. I got call two years ago in July 2014 about a survey but I forgotten the contents now, I anyhow answered and gave only my surname which is damn common for a chinese. I then got a call in last August 2015 talking about an event which will be held in Singapore Botanic Gardens. I didn’t take it seriously so i lied and told her i would go. Today 5 Mar 2016, I got another call from that woman(same woman, I remember her voice) again and talked about the event mentioned, said that her company called my number numerous times which I can’t verify whether it is true, and claimed that I won second price which is an Audi car. I’m like so bewildered and told her no it can’t be as I do not know how to drive and asked her how did I won. She said that her company used a lottery based on the serial number of the participants’ phone and also say Mr Lee from Malaysia also won this prize and chose the second option. Then she convincingly offered two options which is one to collect it once I can drive or two convert it into cash. Reluctantly, I chose option two. Then I gave her my real name, my birthdate, one of my debit bank account number and my NRIC. Then she told me that the next 2-4 days her manager will contact me to inform me the payment and gave me the number to her company and her name. She then promised me her manager will call my phone on next Monday at around 1pm. Then she told me about the next event that will be held at Marina Bay Sands in June 2016, wish me a good day, tell me to tell my friends about her company and their products so-on-so-forth hurriedly and ended the call (which sounds as if she’s been cut off). I immediately transferred my money from that account into my another account. In the later part of the call, there’s was a beeping sound that sounds like low battery on her side or something URGH…… These days I swear this kind of calls are going to ruin my life! They make me so paranoid. It sounds so much like a scam! It lasted 23min 3s.

    Do you think that this is a scam?

    What might happen if you gave your real name, birthdate, and nric number?

    Name of the woman: Ms Yeman 叶蔓
    Phone number that called to my phone: 8521234567 (I did some research it said it is a reverse-number from Lkm Industrial (Hk) Ltd)
    Phone number she gave of her company: 85230506929 (which I tried and it said call ended, adding 018 just in case, it linked me to starhub idd assistance hotline as my phone can’t call overseas… I don’t dare to apply.)

    Sorry, for being naive first, paranoid second.

  77. I just received the call and same content as Shu Qi. Asked her to send me forms that fill in those information, details of the company and event, company official website etc for my verification before providing my info and her replied is none can be done due to “blah blah blah” reasons…Really amazing to see this to continue since 2009 till date… hope anyone that received those call can reach this page and not get cheated….

    More info—
    Name of caller : Ning Li
    Company name used : 百味佳饮食有限公司
    Similar, existing company in HK by the name of : 百味佳食品有限公司
    Contact No. : (018) or (019) – 852 3050 6929

    • same here. so i got to report to police… haha im the next one . i got the same thing as well… 臺灣頂級環島10日遊(4人同行)住(臺灣日月潭涵月樓私人高級會所).i said i have no time for this travel, can change it into cash ? she said “yes” and she said she will bank in MYR 136,000 . So i prefer report to police will be better. Don’t believe these kind of things …. There is no free lunch provided if you do nothing.

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