Up in the air

Up in the air is a movie about a company that helps ex-employees of other companies that fired them get motivated so that can move on after they get fired. We heard the familiar cries when employees are fired ranging from how much the sacrificed for the company and how many years they have been in the company, etc.

Being an employee, how often do we ask ourselves how much the company have ask for our sacrifices, be it overtime, underpaid, long hours, bad managers and even bad environment?

Look back at the previous company that you were in, did you spend sleepless hours trying to get a report completed, a project completed or trying to fix a problem? Where are they now? Where are those countless hours of anxiety, stress, anger and frustration, where are they now? That’s right, you left them behind, those important projects or sales target or objectives are no longer important now. All those stressful days feels a bit silly now don’t you think? Sure some of those achievements went into your resume for the next job, but all those many other sacrifices we made that is not in your resume, are they worth it?

Companies act just like companies should, regardless of how much “sacrifice” you have given to a company or how many long hours and time you put it to make things work, when they need to terminate you due to mass layoffs, it usually don’t count too much. Yes, they may put into your testimony that you are good employee, but you still don’t get to keep your job. The strange thing about layoffs is that it is usually a top management error and they seem to get a big chunk of benefits and even continue to stay in the company where the staffs who made no mistakes and helped to keep the things running are the ones to be let go, instead of the people on top who made the mistakes.

For me after working for so long and having put in so much to keep things running, I always keep the philosophy of not of over-sacrificing myself for the sake of the company, because it will never care. Sure I will continue to do what I do best and well, that is not a doubt.

Any manager who asks you to “sacrifice” your time, money and life for that important target or objective, must not value you as an employee.  So I will just roll my eyes and try to do whatever is required, no more no less, with as much motivation as it should appear to be to the manager, so it doesn’t look like I am rolling my eyes when I am doing the work.

The only time your ought to sacrifice yourself for a job is when its your company. You have a stake in its survival and its survival is important to you. As a employee, its nothing more than a dumb request.

So the next time you get stressed over a deadline, an objective, a target or just getting something fixed, remember all this “sacrifice” will be meaningless to you when you leave your job for the next one.

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