Stop having babies if you really want to save Earth

Fact: Earth is not dying… at least not in the next few million years

Earth will probably “die” together with our sun when it goes super nova in like a long time to come. So if anyone comes and tell you that Earth is dying, they are lying. Okay, they are technically not lying, Earth is dying day by day, just like all of us are dying day by day. Earth years is just so much longer than humans can imagine. But if they are trying to incite fear of a doomed earth in the next few years, then they are lying and they know it.

Fact: Life on Earth is not in danger of dying… at least some self-appointed-important animal species AKA humans are in danger of dying out.

Earth has gone through a few cycles of extinction with as much as 90% going extinct and each time new and more diverse species repopulate the Earth. Sure, this time round, if human continue their path to self-extinction, probably 99% (I am stretching this) could go extinct. But then given that Earth have a few more millions to go, surely newly species will repopulate the Earth in time to come.

Fact: The Earth does not need to be saved

Rather, its the dumb human beings on this Earth that need to be saved from self-extinction. Weather changes, extreme hurricanes, extinction of species, etc. is just how Earth deals naturally with imbalances in its own system. It is not going hay-wired and it does not need to be saved, it is just behaving as a system that is finding it balance again, just nature.

The truth of the matter is that all these stuff about global warming and extinction of species can have  a big impact on human population. So whenever we heard people talk about “saving the Earth” the real message behind is really “save the human race”.

Personally, I think people should stop lying and get to the truth of the matter instead of making everyone have this grand idea that they can “save” the Earth. It does need saving and the only really way to save Earth is to kill ourselves and stop having babies. I wonder how many people who are commit to these environmental movements are willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause.

Fact: There is just too many humans

Environmentalist knows it, but they are not tellingt the truth nor dare to say it.  If we have only 1/8 of the current population, it really doesn’t matter how many gallons of gas you use to drive your car, how many cows you eat, how many trees you chop down or how long you turn on your lights or even shark’s fin we eat, it would hardly cause a big dent to the environment.

Its political suicide for any environmental lobby groups to actually call for reduction of population, not a single politician will support their cause, if they want to continue with their next term in office.

But no matter what we do, if the population keeps increasing at the current rate, even if we only eat one meal a day, the other daily consumables from housing, to travel, to electronics, to leisurely trips will consume every available resource in no time to come. No amount of measures will help stop the onslaught of weather changes, food shortages, more disasters (because there are just too many humans, where else to live?) and human conflicts.

So no matter how many times you switch off the lights for 1 hour and are happy that you have done your part, its only fake orgasm. Should you not do it? Well if it help you live for 2 more minutes on this Earth, sure, why not?

But without the environmentalist groups and politician (as if they would) addressing the real source of the matter; our huge human population and appetite of all good things in life; you can shut off your lights for next 10 years, it will not make too much a dent the worsening conditions we are already facing.


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