The interesting things about disasters

The interesting thing about disasters is that they make us and the government care about the lives of the people in those area, where during normal times, we would hardly give a thought to their sufferings. Of course, this is a good thing. This shows that people are still empathetic about the sufferings of others. Perhaps those people had a difficult life for a long time and had been asking for help from their government or travelers who may occasionally visit, but nobody bother with them. Disaster happens and lo and behold, suddenly there are money in the coiffures to help the poor, to help them rebuild their schools and houses and their lives. Perhaps they had been asking for the same things before disasters happened.

Not to belittle the sufferings of those in a disaster, but I wonder if some of the people may have been better off after a disaster.

Countries that never provided enough money to help their own poor, homeless, sick and destitute, have thousands and millions to give to other countries when disasters happen. How ironic these charity and show of generosity are, why do government not give those same money to help their own? Its hard to comprehend. Perhaps its the believe that people in a disaster are not to be blamed and deserves unquestioning help, whereas the homeless, destitute and poor deserves no help because they are to be blamed for their own state of affairs.

Perhaps in some scenarios the homeless, poor and destitute would be roaming in the streets with no one to help. Then disaster strikes. Suddenly, people are giving them food, maybe even education or a job and building them a house where they never had. If they are not too affect by the disaster, they must feel that it was a change for the better for them.

Before disasters, we segregate people by their class and statuses and our perception of them. That is whore, the other is child molester, another is an adultery and that one is a homosexual. But when disaster strikes, all that don’t matter anymore do they? The much hated homosexual person may have survived unharmed whereas the morally righteous god-fearing person could have be crushed to death. Who knows who will survive and who will not? Are classes, statuses and judging others so important? What becomes of these constructions when the roof above is coming down?

When happens after the disaster is over? Do people turn inwards and start helping those within their own country and around them, instead of waiting for a disaster to happen to them before they will help? I wonder…

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