Why can’t R-21 films be screened in HDB heartland cinemas?

The recent news about why R-21 films in the HDB heartland really goes to show what happens when people stop using their brains.

Want do we mean that society is not ready to have R-21 films close to home? If R-21 films are such bad influences shouldn’t they be simply banned in the first place? Who do the people think can watch R-21 films? 13/14 year old kids? Aren’t these films restricted to minors?

Also such a survey speaks nothing about misinformation or prejudice of the respondents. If you ask the same audience if they agree to allow foreign construction/migrant workers to rent their rooms or rent a flat next door to them, you may see the same or even more percentage not wanting this to happen. Does that mean that our ministry should prevent any of the workers from staying in HDB heartlands?

If 21 year old boys can be serve in the army to learn to kill an enemy, hold a gun, throw a grenade, fire a tank and command a company of men, what can R-21 films do that the army have not taught?

If having R-21 films at the heartland can be sure a bad influence,shouldn’t we banned cigarettes, alcohol and gambling at heartlands too? How many of us have seen 16/17 year old kids smoking, drinking and gambling around HDB towns? Aren’t these bad influences for kids? So why are these parents not asking for a ban of these from HDB heartlands also? What more, even though these have restricted  sales to minors, many can still get their hands on them through their older friends. Going to a cinema, on the other hand, is different because there is a gatekeeper at the door.

Furthermore if those kids want to get more sexually explicit or vulgar or violent contents, they can easily get those from the internet. Why need to pay $10 to watch some dumb censored films with nothing to see?


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