Pastor Khong trying to politicise the Right-wing Christian Agenda in Singapore

There is no doubt in my mind that the likes of Pastor Khong is trying to influence Singapore politics with their right-wing Christian agenda. Any politician would be stupid to not be wary of this, except, of course those in the same sheep herding mentality of those blindly and faithfully adhering to the same position. Unfortunately, a majority of our government’s MPs and very influential and wealthy rich people are known Christians, of course, how many of them are secretly pushing their religious agenda to control Singaporeans, we don’t know. Many people feel that this is overblown, but just imagine, if someone tried to push Islamic Shariah law for everyone in Singapore, how would you feel about it? If you disagree with it, you should damn well disagree with have Singaporean law dictated by Christian religious teachings.

I would like to approach this from a non-Christian perspective, of course, me being non-Christian and all.  Honestly, I pity the people who are closeted or openly homosexual or transgender in his sheep flocks, whether its their families, their relatives or friends. Instead of promoting a happy and well-balanced family and social circles, his message does just the opposite. He spreads hatred and bigotry among family members and friends. His message causes parents to disown their children and some even forcing them to contemplate suicide. His message causes friends to become enemies and they are rejected and hated and ridiculed. His message teaches children to be cruel, to be biased and to be judgmental. Instead of promoting a better Singapore and better families, his message bring nothing but fear, anger, cruelty, discrimination and sadness to Singaporeans, not unlike what it did to the people during the inquisition of the old.

Now let’s look at the statements from here:

We affirm that the family unit comprises a man as Father, a woman as Mother, and Children. This is the basic building block of society, a value foundational for a secure future, a premise fundamental to nation-building.

We see a looming threat to this basic building block by homosexual activists seeking to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code.

Indeed the “basic” building blocks of this and many societies is a father, mother and children. If this is so great, what kind of families does killers, murderers, and rapists come from, if not from a father-mother-family? Aren’t there enough news about another serial killer or swindler growing up in a perfect home? Don’t we also see news of successful and great people growing out of their family situation, perhaps with only one mother or one father? Where is this basic building block we talk about? Also there are many other societies that doesn’t have this kind of family structure but doesn’t seem to produce disasters for their society? By the way, Mr. Khong, how does repealing section 377A impact YOUR family? Will it cause you to divorce your wife (if you have any) and hook up with another man?

Also there is a fallacy that “homosexual activities” are only people who are gay. In fact, activities for gay rights have garnered a lot of support from non-gay activities and they sometimes are the ones who are actively pushing for the repeal of 337A.

Examples from around the world have shown that the repeal of similar laws have led to negative social changes, especially the breakdown of the family as a basic building block and foundation of the society.

Examples? Yes, dear, what examples did you have?

Wait! But what about the homosexual agenda? Aren’t they trying to politicize their agenda and force it on all Singaporeans too! My dear naive sheeps, of course! The gay rights movement is not different from women’s rights, black rights and migrant worker’s rights! Its about equality and fairness! Now tell me these are values you don’t want in the society? May I also remind everyone that the same arguments about breakdown of family and society were used by the Christian agenda when people were trying to lobby for women’s rights and racial integration. And what happened after that? Did society breakdown? Were families worst off?

It takes away the rights of parents over what their children are taught in schools, especially sex education.

Regarding this, actually and somewhat, the Christian agenda had won over. The stupid abstinence only sex education in Singapore that schools are forced teach is a very prominent right-wing Christian much touted in the US and around the world. No matter that it was proven over and over again that such programs did not work around the world and in fact brings risks to young people, the Singaporean government stuck to their guns without any scientific backing that such program works. Is that NOT taking away rights of parents over what they are taught in schools? If anything, the current sex education is unbalanced and biased, surely that are some wise parents out there who prefer their kids have a more balanced approach to sex education?  So whose rights are taken away currently?

This statement is also based on another fallacy that if children are exposed to homosexual education from young, this is turn them all gay! What nonsense! This irrational fear does not have any proven research nor does it proves a proper understand about human sexual preferences. If children at a certain point in time gets to decide or be influenced to become homosexual, then may I ask all the non-gay readers at what point in time did you decided to be non-gay? Also if this is so, this would not explain that number of homosexual persons globally even in places where there are no GLBTs rights and education or in the early 30s, 40s and 50s, how could a child then be influenced to become or decide to be homosexual?

It attacks religious freedom and eventually denies free speech to those who, because of their moral convictions, uphold a different view from that championed by increasingly aggressive homosexual activists.

How could repealing 377A attach Christian religious freedom? In fact, with the 377 penal code in place last time, some religious outlets were warned by the government for being too “pro-gay”, even though to them their religions says is all right to be non-judgement and to treat everyone equally. This actually a denial free speech and religious freedom to those people. Repealing 337A will not deny you your free speech in your own church; remember your own kind have had the same kind of hate speech against black people, inter-racial marriages, slavery, non-Christians and women’s right to work. What it will prevent is you to force your agenda into the wider Singaporean who are made up of kinder and more gracious fellows and to brainwash and influence our politics with your Christian ideas.

Sorry, you mean these are aggressive homosexual activists?

I guess Pastor Khong would be extremely happy if those parent actually beat their children into submission and “turning” them back and he would absolutely happy if those family has a total breakdown and becomes dysfunctional.

We love our nation. We sincerely pray for and look to the Government to provide moral leadership in preserving this basic building block and foundation of our society. And with that, to robustly protect our constitutional rights to free speech and religious liberty; so as to ensure that social cohesion and religious harmony are maintained in Singapore.

Hey, I love my nation too, but one thing I feel that our laws should not govern is morality. Common decency, like not making out in public or not running in the streets naked, and acts that lead to potential harm to others should be in the law, but not morality. If our laws enshrine morality, then we should have laws against divorce because its immoral according to the Catholics, eating meat because its horrible according to some Buddhists, drinking and gambling because its against Islam and adultery because most Singaporeans would be morally against it.  And yet, we don’t have such laws and we are all getting by with such immorality all in our society. Does not having such laws make you want to have an adulterous affair or encourage to have divorce or make your drink or gamble more?  Surely, there are other set of morality in your own family and religious up bringing that makes you decide against it, but it doesn’t mean that others should be prevented from them in law.

Really, Pastor Khong’s message is really a broken record repeated by right-wing militant fundamentalist and those who bought into them. Despite being a broken record, we cannot keep silent with rebuke because, if not, these speeches and thoughts filled with hatred and discrimination will seep into everyone consciousness and everyone will be brainwashed by their Christian agenda.

3 thoughts on “Pastor Khong trying to politicise the Right-wing Christian Agenda in Singapore

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  2. Just wonder whether Paster Khong is aware that many married husbands in traditionally happily married family units with kids are also seeking sex liasons with other men in gay saunas or gay massage parlours, ie and the best thing is that many of them also happens to be Christians ?

    So should Paster Khong also condemned these closeted bisexuals especially if they are of the Christian faith ?

    • I think they are either very aware or turning blind eye to the problems they raise. After all, we have see news reports of many leaders from “ex-gay” ministries who are caught in compromising locations or positions and some even came back out as gay and admitted they have caused damages to the people.

      One thing we should be aware of, being anti-gay is just one of their agenda. Their agenda is really to make Singaporean a Christian nation using their Christian values. Homosexual issue is just one of their agenda to gather their congregation together through foretelling disasters and instilling fear. If seems like they cannot function by just love and compassion alone

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