PM Lee says government will continue to discriminate against gay people because he couldn’t care less

Look if PM Lee can say something that could affect judiciary decision, I don’t see why I cannot rebut his stupid comments. The report is from Today on the comments PM Lee made in the Singapore Perspectives conference:

Speaking at the Singapore Perspectives conference organised by the Institute of Policy Studies, Mr Lee was asked by a participant how the fact that the Republic is a secular country reconciles with “an old and archaic law that nearly discriminates against a whole (group) of people”.

In response, Mr Lee noted that in countries that do not criminalise homosexuality, “the struggles don’t end”. He cited the example of recent demonstrations in Paris by supporters and detractors of gay marriage

So PM Lee is saying that since women will continue to struggle for equal rights with men and employees mostly disagree to give maids a mandatory day off, we might as well not have equal rights for women and give maids a better treatment, since “the struggles don’t end” with legislation.

PM Lee’s incoherent response about the protest in Paris has nothing to do with repealing 377a, as if he could not give any better answer. Its about gay marriage, which is totally different legislative struggle.

“Why is that law on the books? Because it’s always been there and I think we just leave it,” said Mr Lee, adding that he had explained his decision in 2007 to retain Section 377A.

Talking nonsense again, penal code 377 which as been there was repealed, thus legalising anal sex between non-gay persons. So may I ask why was that penal code repealed by not 377a if you only want to keep what has always been there? BTW how many victorian laws that were passed down in out penal code have been change since? Don’t tell me that all those laws were kept without dropping any?

Addition note: Someone pointed out in FB that during the last Penal code review, section 498 of the Penal Code, which makes it an offence to entice, take away or detain a married woman with the intention of having illicit intercourse with her, will be repealed.

And as extracted from the ST Forum – the letter by Ms Tan Yen Ling:

“One may argue that repealing such a law would signal to society that adultery is acceptable, and this would threaten the family unit and children especially – more so than Section 377A, as it is applicable to all families.

The Ministry of Home Affairs explained that Section 498 concerns an archaic offence which is no longer relevant in today’s context.”

Simple answer is that PM Lee couldn’t care less about gay people. If he really cared about the GLBT Singaporeans, much time and effort would have been taken to ensure equal rights are provided. But no, gay votes are definitely worthless and not as important as non-gay person having anal sex for sure. GLBT should take their votes elsewhere.

Citing the example of gay rights, Mr Lee said: “These are not issues that we can settle one way or the other, and it’s really best for us just to leave them be, and just agree to disagree. I think that’s the way Singapore will be for a long time.”

He added that the “conservative roots” in society do not want to see the social landscape change.

Didn’t the “conservative roots” protested like mad against building of the casinos? Yet it when ahead and we now have two? Isn’t PM Lee simply saying that he will use the “conservative roots”  when it suits him and will ignore them when they don’t?

What about the voices of the other side? If our policies depends on which sides shouts the loudests and makes that most visible noice, then what kind of system is PAP government encouraging? Shouldn’t good governence be based on evidences and facts, instead of religious ferver and ignorance?

3 thoughts on “PM Lee says government will continue to discriminate against gay people because he couldn’t care less

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