Malaysia politics’ anti-gay agenda is just a distraction away from corruption and other real issues

One wonders why in the past two years, the Malaysian government has started picking on gay people and hammering out anti-gay agenda of their own. One is probably the liberalisation of gay marriage and gay equality around the world. But I think the main agenda is really because its morality call allows people to be distracted from talking about real issues in Malaysia.

Gay equality is a hot topic at the moment around the world and there are not lack of arguments on both sides for and against it. The more fervent the anti-gay camp, normally fronted by religions groups and powerful conservative politics, an almost equal response results. This is especially attractive for a government which have nothing more to offer but to use morality or lack of as a noisy distraction to real issues. Using religious morality also allows the political party to distance themselves from more liberal parties (or parties who wished to be more liberal), but what is worst now is that the other political party also stand behind the anti-gay agenda because they don’t want to lose out in the election fight. Of course, that may already be their stance in the first place.

So instead on focusing on correcting their warped logic and morality, gay people should redirect people to the major failings of the current government instead. Of course, we should not stop protesting or arguing, but in more equal or louder voice, Malaysians should ask people to look at more pertinent failures of the government.

To me corruption is the number issue on the agenda, not just those at the top, which everyone knows about, but also the daily corruption that happens. Any Malaysian can tell you a road block is really a money earning opportunity for the police force. Any Singaporean driver will have encountered and probably give bride to the police while driving in Malaysia in some point of the life; the police are especially hardworking nearing the Muslim New Year for obvious reasons. I even encountered immigration officer asking for bribes because one of my friend’s passport be less than 6 months and it costs us $50 ringgit. To me, Malaysian police are nothing but official highway robbers hired by the government. If being gay is immoral, I would if corruption is not even more immoral, but why is this ignore by every in Malaysia politics including those oh-so-moral Muslim clerics? Are they also part of the corrupt system? What is the point of Muslim’s going for prayers and being so religious and pious and yet continue to extract money from the defenceless? Does the clerics even talk about the state of corruption and bribery in there sermons, I wonder?

The other is the crime level in Malaysia. I was really surprised that someone actually rated Malaysia as a safe city, I guess bribery and robbery is not considered a crime in Malaysia! Ask any Malaysian friends and they will tell you either their house or car have been broken into before or even the whole car stolen. My mom who stays at the public housing around Hang Tuah area can recount how many times people tried to snatched away her handbag from motorbikes from this old women or house broken into and even pet dog stolen because nothing else is worth stealing. Ask how many Singaporean drivers have their cars broken in to or even stolen in Johore Bahru? Even my Japanese teacher on one trip to JB had her handbag snatched right in front of her, when she never encounter such incident all while working in Singapore. She swears never go back to JB. If being gay is immoral, the crime level that people encounter daily together with the useless corrupt police force must make Malaysia even more immoral.

Of course, this is only the top two issues off my head, but I never heard any “moral” politician address. Other issues like the bigoted and corrupted bumi putra policy, failed education system, state of health care, transport and traffic and even cleanliness should be concerns to voters. So I hope people angry at all these anti-gay campaign can help everyone refocus on the real morality issue in Malaysian and don’t like the gay morality argument noise dominate political agenda which is exactly what all the politicians wants.

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