The sins of sodom and gomorrah: trying to patch a really deep hole

Homosexuality is the reason why Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed, as explained may Christians and even scholars and religious leaders. Equally, on the other side of the argument, those who disagree pointed out that that the inhospitality of the people of those two towns were the main reasons for their destruction. I appreciate the fact that many had spent time studying the bible and it context and provide a vast amount of work detailing why it is not due to gay sex alone.

However, what I feel that many people did not address or perhaps afraid to address is the issue of the destruction itself. Sure, the destructions were not sure to the sins of homosexuality but of inhospitality, but it is necessary to destroy the towns and kill all it inhabitants? What is ironically is that well-meaning Christians who professes the god of love in the Christian faith and, of course, oppose the idea of gay sins in the destruction, have no issues with violence and death brought about by the destruction at all. To them it seems, it is not right to kill people for having gay sex or being gay, but its okay to kill them for being a bad or cruel host. Even as some will claim that these are from the old testaments and not historical facts (duh!),  my question is why does inclusion of these story tell about the Christian god? How does this story show love and compassion in the grand scheme of  things?

What people may not be aware or, perhaps, they are aware but simply stuck their heads in the sands, is that the root of violence and hatred that arises from the teachings are from these stories of punishment, killings, destructions and deaths. As long as people of the religion does not denounce all forms of violence in their text and teachings, violence will always and continue to arise from their interpretation. Especially when the acts of violence in forms of punishment is enacted by their god in the stories, it gives them the perceived right to demand the same be done to those whom they feel deserves the same punishment from the god.

The main tenet of godly religions is that of punishment, god cannot exists without punishment of one form or another. If punishment does not exists, then why would anyone bother to following their religions teachings or even need to believe in their god? What is the difference than between those who following their god and its good behaviour guidebook and those who do not? Punishment and perhaps the fear of punishment is overarching reasons to stay within the believe system, albeit not all will follow the teachings to the tee.

To me, explaining away the gay sex sins in Sodom and Gomorrah but without condemning the act of violence against the destruction of the twin towns is like throwing a handful of sand to cover up really deep hold, people will continue to fall into the hole knowingly or unknowingly and violence will continue to be promoted and taught. People will continue to be persecuted for falling outside of god’s instructions and religious leaders will continue to wonder why violence never ends despite their well-meaning and altered teachings focusing on love and compassion.


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