Are Zimmerman’s and Alexander’s trial really a racial cases?

I have been reading up a lot recently about the 2 cases that have Americans talking again. Of course, these are opinions and statements from online media, so I am forming my opinions around them only. Many racial activists in American seemingly claimed both are racially motivated, one acquitted because he is not black and charged because she is black. But facts seems to speak for themselves in both cases, as far as I am aware.

Firstly, on the trial of Marissa Alexander, as far as I can read, she did not have grounds to claim “stand your ground” defense, because she had time to run out of the house, which she could have contacted her neighbours to call the police. Instead, she got a gun and went back to the house, was that self-defense. Another quirk is that 10-20-Life law which did not give the judge any power to decide on a lighter sentence. You shoot a gun and found guilty, you get 20 years immediately. If anything Marissa, is a victim of a law that did not allow any discretion from the judge to decide on the punishment. If anything needs to be changed perhaps its this law.

Interestingly, Stevie Wonder have decided to boycott states which has the “stand your ground” law, because of the Zimmerman trial. But this means he disagrees with Marissa’s for using the “stand your ground” law in defense! I wonder what will racial activists say about that!

On the Zimmerman trial, I think Bill Cosby spoke my mind. This issue is not a static case of man goes after black kid and kills him. There is a dynamic interplay of social problems already exisitng in American and the gun law. If anyone wants to blame, they should really look at the gun law and its effects and how media has been portraying people based on race. Yes, I believe there is an element of racial profiling here in both diretions. I am sorry but I saw a black male person walking around the neighbourhood looking around on a raining night, every scenarios of a violent break-in, murder and rape etched in my mind from TV shows that I have been watching comes to mind immediately and I am not even American! On the other side, if you are black kid in a school meant to keep “kids out of crime”, with previous two non-arrest crimes against you, one for burglary and the other drug possession AND you see a seemingly white looking man coming towards you, how would you react?

To me, one of the biggest culprit in both cases is the guns law, which we all know continues to be there because of powerful and rich gun lobbyists, just like their drugs and food lobbyists. Having a gun in your hand gives you  vigilante powers and also a feeling of being in control, which could explain why Zimmerman went out of his car to go after Martin because he felt empowered with a gun in hand. I seriously doubt Zimmerman would be so brave if he just had a baseball bat in hand. After all, the bat cannot defend against a gun should the other person have one right?

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