Screw the fault lines, we are already divided!

A recent report from Today, DPM Teo’s reported pointed out several fault lines “emerging” in Singapore

I regret to inform the misinformed DPM that the fault lines is already there and society is already divided. It is now the job of the government to repair those fault lines, especially reviewing policies and penal codes that created them in the first place! If you want a cohesive society, then you better think about what the government has done wrong.

In addition to race and religion, other possible fault lines such as “citizenship, sexual orientation and social values” — amplified by the ubiquity of social media — have emerged in Singapore, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said today (Sept 24).

Gay rights activists whether gay or not have often been accused by government and media for being divisive and polarising society. This is a smoke screen, what society needs to know is that it is already divisive. LGBT folks have already been divided in society by the law, in their work environment by their co-workers and employers, in families by family members and in religion by their religious leaders. The divide is already there. In the government’s and the law’s eyes, gay men are criminals just waiting to be jailed or fined on day; this also leads to government taking pro-Christian right-wing agenda into our schools to educate student out of being gay as if its a choice (again its a fundie agenda, not supported by research and science) and something bad. In work, gay folks have been discriminated and even terminated; many gay folks continue to hide their identify and create more lies to cover up their shame. In families, parents have driven their GLBT children out of their house, disowned them, even threatened to kill them and some are even driven to suicide. In religion, needless to say, it is a hot house of hatred and aversion delivered in each sermon day after day.

Can we not see that the LGBT folks are already divided in society? How much more can this be divided? The fact is that gay rights advocates are seeking to mend the divide and to close the fault lines, so that gay folks don’t have to go through such horrors in their life and be supported sufficiently. On the contrary, it is the opponents, mostly from people using their religion to justify the unjust, who are the ones who want to keep society forever divided and its the government lack of scrotum gumption that the penal code is still there to divide society.

So DPM Teo, please point the fingers at yourself before blaming others, which PAP is so apt to do all the time,

He cited social media as a possible contributing factor. “Social media can help those with a common interest come together, but it can also reinforce and entrench polarising views,”

I don’t whether to laugh or cry at this ridiculous assertion. Social media only provides a platform to reflect the views on the grounds. It doesn’t entrench or reinforce polarised views, the views are already polarised; social media makes it more visible only because our state-controlled media doesn’t do the job for the citizen. So not surprisingly, whereas our controlled media continues to paint great scenarios of the successful ruling party, the social media usually takes an opposing stances and show you shit where shit lies. What DPM Teo wants with such ridiculous statements is that nobody criticizes the government, so that they can continue to implement policies to fix issues in the society but which make it worst!  LOL

2 thoughts on “Screw the fault lines, we are already divided!

  1. People who talk about fault lines have no understanding of elementary geography. Fault lines already exist, as you rightly point out. They are not newly created . These scholars in government like to use throw away lines and words to sound impressive. Another much misused word is holistic.

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