Touched by Hitler’s Charity

Posted this on, which will never see the light, but I think it is important for me to voice it out.

“I understand what you are doing and fully support it, I also enjoy your blog, despite very obvious religious affiliation.

However, it pains me to support such a great event as the Ultimate Hawker Fest as it support Touch Community which we know is under Pastor Khong and part of the American militant right-wing Christian agenda.

As much as I know the money will help many people, the same money will help to promote hatred in families in Singapore with LGBT folks to drive them out of the house, get beaten by the parents, abused by their religious leaders and friends, cause attempted suicide and ostracize by society.

In other words, for 10 persons it save probably one LGBT person is abused by the Christian agenda to dominate Singapore politics.

I know for sure this will never be on your blog. Perhaps its because you support what Pastor Khong’s agenda is or is unaware of the harm and division it has done to society

Nonetheless, Hitler’s charity is still Hitler’s charity, Jews beware.”

One thought on “Touched by Hitler’s Charity

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