The 1Malaysia of stupidity and ignorance.

It appears that in some countries as the world and education and knowledge progress, the children and their citizens seems to become more stupid instead of more informed and enlightened.

The recently judgement in Malaysia that the word “Allah” cannot be used by other religions because it could confuse Malay Muslim is an example of stupid people syndrome. Whilst the government and the self-serving religious groups are happy with the decision, their actions have the opposite effect. They give impression to the world looking at this circus that:

  • Malay Muslims in Malaysia are stupid. They cannot tell the difference between Allah used in different religious text and may (gosh!) mistake the Christian bible as the Quran because the word is used.
  • Malay Muslims in Malaysia have weak faith. Their faith is so weak that any mention of “Allah” in any faith or text will make them switch religions.
  • Malay Muslims in Malaysia don’t know their own teaching: They don’t understand what the Quran have to say about the word nor how to be compassionate, tolerant and accepting of other faiths

I am not saying that this is the case, but this is really what the judgement and the government says and are protecting against, because any other reasons don’t make sense. But we know that this is not true because my own experiences in Malaysia is definitely not just all that ignorance and intolerance. What has happened to the renaissance of Islamic culture that gave us advances in thoughts, science and culture centuries ago? So I really hope that Muslim friends in Malaysia who don’t agree with the judgment do come out in strength and make your voice heard, because in this case, silent is really consent and silent means you support the violence amd discrimination against those whose rights are supressed by this government.

An article in Malaysian insider blames both sides for the intolerance and the fate we see now and calls for an interfaith dialogue. This is really blaming the victim again. One must ask, who and which persons and organisations have been fire bombing churches and hanging cow’s head in Hindu temples? Who are the people (surely not the other ethnic groups) who supports the Malay KKK policies instead of an equal Malaysian one and who have benefited with sleeping director roles in companies just for being bhumiputra? The division in 1Malaysia is a Malay Muslim created problem that only vocal and enlightened Malay Muslims themselves can stop this and heal the wounds between cultures, faiths and people.

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