HDB flats for singles makes people stupid

Okay, this is not exactly what this writer, Daniel Chia, say, but that is the message he implies, as below

More new flats for singles: Sending wrong message

The push by the Housing Board to supply more new flats to singles is not good news for the nation (“HDB to roll out more new flats for singles”; Sept 24).

First, these flats will discourage the formation of family units.

The Government has been encouraging people to get married. But offering new flats to singles will have the opposite effect.

Second, when two singles who own such flats get married, what is to become of the units? Are they allowed to keep them?

The age criterion for ownership should be raised to 45 and the salary ceiling lowered to $2,500.

The Government should not give in to pressure from singles.

Daniel Chia

What dear Daniel doesn’t seem to be unaware (what world does his live in?) is that this is only the first time HDB actually builds HDB and give some priority to singles. Yes, the government also tried to sell some unsold HDB flats in far flung reaches of Singapore to singles some time ago. But for the longest time, the policy against singles has never changed and yet Singaporeans are not getting married at the age the governments wants them to and not having enough babies. It should be obvious the issue is more than just flats.

Worst, Mr Chia, perhaps as a Freudian slip, implies that people are getting married only to get a HDB flat because it requires two persons (ok parent-child still can), if not there is no meaning in getting married. I don’t know if this Daniel is married or not, but it looks like this is could be reflection of his own life. Perhaps he wished the government offered new HDB flats for singles so that he would not need to get married and is now really pissed about this dilemma.

And almost insidiously, it feels like another hidden agenda against gay equality. After all what does “Pressure from singles” imply? Which singles forms the biggest pressure group but LGBTs? Actually it is very easy to solve this problem, just equalise marriage and you will not have such a big “singles pressure group”.

Anyhow, for someone to say that such move will encourage Singaporeans to stay single is just plain stupid. I can imagine conversations around dinner gong like this:

Mom: When are you getting married?

Single person: I am not getting married, the government allows me to buy house as single, no point getting married.


Your current partner: Let’s get married and get a HDB flat

You: Nah, I think I prefer to stay single because I can get a HDB flat on my own without getting married to you… thanks for the offer


You: Yes!! Now that I can buy a HDB flat as a single person, I have no desires to get married and have children

To paraphrase one my friend: “Govt should not sell HDB to stupid people”

7 thoughts on “HDB flats for singles makes people stupid

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  2. For argument sake, what if 6.9M people decided to remain single and invest in a home for themselves? Would we be able to meet the demand?

    In this day and age, there are alternatives to marriage. Many liberals have established their own families outside of traditional institution successfully.

    If so, two singles could make home with each other, the extra unit can be turned into profit. Which means you need a lot of foreigners to work here and rent these homes or your housing market will collapse and result in devastating social and economic problems.

    Are you prepared for more foreign invasion?

    • This is to suggest that allowing singles to buy new flats, which by the way is only a 2-room flat, would be so lucrative that people will refuse to get married or have no desires to get married and have children. Even if so, the property market will crash due to oversupply, but only for 2-room flat mind you. This is almost like saying if we allow people to change sex and get married as a new gender, then ALL Singaporean will want to change sex and then get married as a new gender.

      Like I said, singles are already able to buy flats after 35 years old and this doesn’t seem to make more people want to remain single and not get married so that they can wait till 35 years old to get their own flat.

  3. Here is the point. G is relaxing more rules for comfortable single living and hand each an asset. Singles were not allowed to buy new and heavily subsidized flats before. The G is bending to social pressures for more equitable housing policies for singles too. With much cheaper housing option(not resale units) and potentially a profitable asset( 2 rm is still better than HK,China or Japan inhuman cages), who is to say(or can guarantee) that social demography will not change?

    Already ,the single population is large enough to impact social policies. The number of singles is a growing trend and if we meet their demands, more will just be comfortable being single.

    In a tiny and prosperous island like Sg, “the more” single will have tremendous effect in destabilizing society. That’s the whole point isn’t it?

  4. Look what I agree with Danial is that if both single r getting married, both with have an issue of who is going to sell their so call HDB BELOVED single unit. understand this the higher chances of this single ppl of staying alone n getting or worse making trouble is 90%.. To me what the gov. Is trying to do is that simple to MAKE this single ppl to use use up their CPF.. There r more single out there then married as yrs goes by. When CPF is use up. .. One feel stress, pressure n continue working n wk n wk n wk to mostly to contribute to the GOV. GET IT… If u done pls go n do yr research

    • look the GOV R PLANNING HOW TO BOOST UP THEIR OWN FINANCIAL. Reason this reason that to make us believe that it’s for the good for the Singaporean.but the truth is NO… For their own profit profit n profit for who? For their retirement….. Not for us it’s for them.. Think again…. U know his country is small n yet they r building golf course… For WHO? For them lor.. This unecessary ideas as I call it stupid idea can make flats n affordable I mean really affordable for married couple…. To my phase is simple…sometimes intelligent ppl is the most stupid n selfish ppl

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