New MCE causes at least 40 mins jam at Central Boulevard

Something you may not get from news regarding the problem with the MCE opening from news media after all the self-congratulatory efforts for the gov’t.

The MCE opening forced traffic from both directions of AYE to exit via Central Boulevard in order to go into Shenton Way or MBFC area. This cause slow traffic to build up from 8 am onwards! I can see from my office building the queue build up all the way to AYE at Keppel Road in the morning. At 2 pm today, there is still a long queue of cars coming via Central Boulevard.

So what would have taken me 15 mins from my home to office in MBFC during morning hours will now take me at least 40 mins more!

The problem as you can see from the picture below is that most of the traffic are trying to go into CBD, but they are squeezed into 2 lanes left turning lanes towards CBD.  I am surprised that they spend all that money to build the tunnel but such a shoddy work on the traffic planning on the Central Boulevard.


One thought on “New MCE causes at least 40 mins jam at Central Boulevard

  1. It’s well planned expressway. So to divert traffic away from the MCE, $10 ERP will be charged. That will take care of the billion dollar cost. Anyway I am not surprised, anyone who drives from the PIE to AYE via the Clementi underpass will know this. All the vehicles from the tunnel have to cut left to enter AYE Town and all the vehicles from Clementi have to cut right to go AYE Tues. So we have a criss-cross at the end of the underpass. It’s really a major planning cock-up and the MCE is just a upgrade of the big cock ups

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