Disappointed Mountbatten MP and dishonest disappointments

There is something about religion that makes seemingly nice and smart persons turn into complete brainless sheeps. Mountbatten MP Lim Biow Chuang is one good example. From some feedbacks from friends, it appears that he is a pretty nice MP, however, now they are utterly disappointed by this “disappointed” MP.


For me, the disappointment is not that he disagrees with homosexual persons, but rather the brainless and less than factual reasoning that he uses to justify his position, whilst trying to present them as facts. What is more disappointing is him trying to wave his Christian values as secular and factual. I don’t mind if one’s argument is based on religious values, but to be dishonest about it shows a lack of integrity on that part of the person.

Waving the straw men, he is quoted to have said: “homosexual relationships are different from heterosexual ones”. Exactly what is the difference is probably mentioned somewhere later; that homosexual relationships are not normal and there are no facts to say that they can form lasting relationships and that heterosexual relationships are based on values like trust, love, commitment and support, which to him, a same-sex one does not.

Ok, so if a same-sex relationship is NOT based on trust, love, commitment and support, than what is it based on? If a heterosexual relationship is lasting, can you explain the divorce rates in Singapore and indeed in many other countries. If heterosexual relationships provide such good family support, can he explain why some kids attempt suicide because of domestic violence or pressures at school or wayward and delinquent children growing up in those families?

To say that a non-discriminatory statement about homosexual relationship “go against the Government’s policy of promoting heterosexual married couples to have healthy relationships and to build stable nuclear and extended family units.” is like a coward hiding behind mom’s undershirt. Firstly, it does not effect married couples, those who are choosing to get married nor those who may want to get married in the future. If it does, we will immediately see a rise in divorce cases and drops in marriage because couples suddenly found homosexual relationships to be normal and decide to try it instead. This is an utterly nonsensically if not brainless argument. Secondly, neither does it “threaten” the stability of a family. the MP seems to forget the gay folks are also human beings and voting Singaporeans who came out of our mothers (not through satanic birth) and are a part of the Singapore family too. Indeed the oft used “homosexuals persons and relationships are not normal”, on the contrary, tear families apart because parents forces their children to attend dangerous Christian conversion therapy leading to depression and many negative emotions, chase them out of the family or physically/mentally abuse the gay child until they either kill themselves or leave the family forever. Same-sex couples avoid family reunions or any contacts in the families at all, creating a cycle of unresolved anger and even regrets. Indeed, many parents who later reconciled with their gay children speaks of the regrets they have over their point of views previously and how much it had destroy their own family because of it.

He was also quoted to have said “If we say a homosexual relationship is quite normal, then people get confused”. I am sorry, but was the MP himself confused? Did he start to question his sexual orientation after reading that? If not, what makes him think that other Singaporeans are more stupid then he is and they are that easily influenced? Also HPB is not saying that a homosexual relationship is better than or preferable to a heterosexual one. Every other movie, sitcom, news and magazine out there are promoting heterosexual relationships, even parents are asking their children to get married, if anyone is confused, it will by gay people!

Lastly, the MP reportedly said “there were no conclusive studies supporting this statement and from what he has read there are really diverse opinions on it”. Well, the only type of reports that are “non conclusive or diverse about normality of a same-sex relationship” are the ones produced by Christian groups. These are based on pseudo-scientific methodology and are not peer-reviewed by the scientific nor psychologist community. And many of those efforts has been denounced as dangerous and inappropriate. It is really dishonest and dangerous to have such an MP who will try to hoodwink the public with pseudo-scientific Christian work as evidence and proof.

Utterly disappointed indeed.

6 thoughts on “Disappointed Mountbatten MP and dishonest disappointments

  1. Which part of Singapore mythology does MP Lim think is “going against the Government’s policy of promoting heterosexual married couples to have healthy relationships and to build stable nuclear and extended family units?” – Hasn’t the Government long since veered away from a normal ‘national heterosexual procreation’ policy, and has instead wholeheartedly embraced massive foreigner immigration, to reproduce and replace Singaporean people and population?

  2. Great points Salt * Wet * Fish!

    May I add that HPB’s set of FAQs is, first and foremost, to enable people to increase knowledge to control over, and to improve their health. Medicine and health care are not limited to a specific group, but for each and every person. HPB is not promoting homosexuality.

    Many religions forbid the use of alcohol use, yet people of those religions have yet to state their objections over HPB’s FAQs on “alcohol and substance abuse”.

    When countries sign declaration of rights – health, human, workplace, there are NO exemption clauses.

    And so HPB should continue their good work of monitoring health situations, assessing health trends and dissemination of knowledge by setting norms and standards and promoting these. For every person.

  3. Everyone can simply read words on the Internet easily, but to put themselves in the shoes of a gay person is difficult. Many gay people go through a lot, just trying to be truthful to themselves, and their families. No other person can feel it as much as a person who is facing it. I am down with anxiety disorder since toddler and I have been through a lot of pain since, sadly no one could understand how it is like for me to have panic attacks and experience moments where I feel the world is ending and I’m dying. But never once did I feel sorry for myself. People who knew laughed at me and one insisted it was all in the head and that I can make a choice to get out of it. I can’t, and I would if I can. I don’t want to suffer from panic attacks and cry and be afraid. I remember how awful it was when I was a toddler and I pinched myself to stop a panic attack during a kindergarten My Little Teapot moment with classmates and teacher. I just want to be understood, so people like me can be understood. I am still human although I have the disorder. I spent my school days trying to hide the fact. I even told myself that if I do enough good, perhaps the disorder will go away.. It did not. It was something I cannot change and the psychiatrist which I saw when I was 18, did not help. It is the same as being gay. Many heterosexual people may not be willing to understand that a human is a human, with some being disgusted by gay love… But it doesn’t concern them actually. Love is an amazing thing, really, concerning two ready adults! Everyone has feelings and a need or a wish to love and be loved.

    No one was told of how a gamer friend of mine revealed his sexual orientation to his family that he was gay during JC year 1. He looked so strong and seemingly confident. I could not feel that it had gone awry when he told his parents. He even managed a smile as he told me. I am not exactly a person who would be touched easily but when he got further into his story, I felt it. His brave front was put down and he sadness showed on his face. I will not write what he told me here.. But I can say that parents who don’t understand and hate such an orientation, will not be accepting at all. The things they will do to try to change facts can be extremely saddening indeed. My friend is a talented, kind person who deserves a pat on his back. He should not be sad but to live life with his chin held high and his chest out.

    A human is a human, understanding or not. But have a heart and be truly gracious when someone happens to be different. Learn to put yourself in another person’s shoes and ask yourself if being who you are (naturally, or course), wrong.

    Thanks for the article and I feel all gay people deserve better!

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  5. Maybe people like Lawrence & the stupid MP should explain to everyone why ‘normal’ heterosexual families can produce off-spring who turn out to be homosexual if the heterosexual families are never abnormal in the first place ?

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