Of pink and red polka dots

Throughout the saga of the red dot (AKA FamFest) versus pink dot, a lot of accusation was thrown at both government and pink dotters, but I think it is important to step back for a clearer picture.

First of all, as admitted by Pastor Khong himself:

“#FamFest 2014 is about defending the family against the onslaught of sexual infidelity, divorce, family violence and media that promotes sexual immorality including the homosexual agenda.”

This very much is an exclusive event. Of course, everybody is against family violence, but the event is out there to shame people who may have sexual relationship outside marriage (for more complex reasons), divorcees and single parents as much as LGBT folks. Even if pink dot is not held on the same day, such an event may not be permitted to be held in the Padang, which Khong himself freely admits, as a place for national event. The event is anything but a national event because of its exclusive nature. Unless the dissenters were to tell me that past events like Rugby Sevens, Singapore Marathons, etc, have exclusive clauses against divorcees, single parents, disabled or LGBT, then their argument just don’t hold water. As to whether or not, the government did consider that it was held on the same day as the pink dot, it is everyone’s guess, but I am sure that they are aware.

Further, it is very obvious that Khong is not interested in hosting the FamFest event rather he is more interested to create division in society and sow discord by staging a religious agenda. Dissenters missed the point that the government did not reject their festival but rather the location where it was held, in fact, they even provided suggestions which was rejected by the organisers. Of course, for one, we can that it was in protest of the seemingly “unfairness” to their religious agenda, but on the other hand, if someone really wanted to celebrate the family, they would want it to go on regardless of location.

Then there is a stupid argument by dissenters (yes, because they cannot think for themselves without their screwed up religious fervour) that pink dot was allowed by FamFest was not. Already said, FamFest was allowed, just not the location. If Khong had wanted to hosts it in Hong Lim Park on some other days, I am sure he would be allowed to do so. Few people realise the despite the so-called Pink Dot’s success, until now it is still considered a “protest” by our government, and as such is still confined to the Speaker’s corner in Hong Lim Park AND with the restrictions of no foreigners allowed. As such, when pink dot wanted to hold this in Marina bay area, it was rejected outright. Even trying to close off one of the roads around Hong Lim park was a battle with the traffic gods, which was rejected last year; not sure about this year.

Khong keeps emphasizing that he wanted to celebrate the International year of the family. For those not in the know, this is a UN initiative which celebrates the 20th anniversary of this movement this year. I challenge Khong to bring this up to the UN and get their approval that this is appropriate message in accordance to the movement. From my books, not only is he trying to hijack the Padang, he is trying to hijack UN’s movement. I challenge all dissenters to bring this to the UN to get their approvals if they feel that they are so righteous and correct.

Dissenters oft-quoted “free love” or “freedom to love” as a freedom to love and marry anything to include small children and animals. You know when someone is at his/her wits’ end when they start putting words into people’s mouth. This maybe what the dissenters want but surely not the Pink Dotters, don’t even need to explain more.

The Pink Dot celebrates families of any structure, love in the family, communications and togetherness and forgiveness and, on the side, to relinquish shame, guilt, anxiety and fear. If anything, it seeks to break down division already in our society and make relationships between family, friends, strangers, employers/employees and society. People become happier, more productive in society and work, generates more understanding and less tension. On the contrary, FamFest only celebrates families of a rigid structure and it builds on creating shame, guilt, anxiety and hatred to keep the family together. There are no lines of communications, cohesion or understanding if anyone is outside the rigid family structure. If anything, it seeks to keep the society divided and sow discord in society when people try to be cohesive via its religious agenda.

So see you at Pink Dot again this year!

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