A conversation with ex-gays?

Recently after the Joanna + Jaime + 666 devil worshipping gay pride video got a lot of traction. The FB page Dear Straight People decided to be objective and talk to the people in this group.

As much as I want to applaud Dear Straight People for trying to stay objective, this sort of reminds me of the early days whenever we have a panel discussing gay issues, the organizers will add an opposing voice in that panel, aka ex-gay, to legitimize their diversity agenda. To me diversity means coming together despite differences, it doesn’t mean that all voices need to be hear or should have a platform on the diversity agenda. They need to be acknowledged for sure, as it would be dangerous to ignore such elements. These programs aka religious agendas (not the people or blur sheeps) are out to instill hatred and violence (I will get to this). They are NOT part of diversity because they DON’T celebrate differences. PERIOD.

Secondly, being an ex-gay person DOESN’T make you an insightful or wise person nor a decent human being. The same is said of a gay person, it doesn’t make them any more decent or indecent as a person nor wise or insightful. At the end of the day, to be an ex-gay person such as those in the interview, you need to hate yourself very much, have unreal expectations of the world and you hate what you are doing. Added to this, you need to have an unhealthy fear of an entity (I shall not even qualify this with a name or noun normally given freely, because it does not deserve it). You can see from the post how many of these symptoms are displayed. This is what I mean by self-hatred and pathological fear of an entity, both are violence of the mind. We know that once you commit violence to your own mind for years, it does irreversible damages to self. They are never their true self anymore, but a mask which they present to their entity.

What such programs doesn’t and never acknowledge is the pathological and psychological harm to the person once they decide to get out of such a program be become an ex-ex-gay person. You can see from these exit notes how much suppression is required for those still in the program to continue on with the rest of their lives. Even after coming out of such programs, this damage stays on for a long time. You can notice subtle writings ques, activism ques, mannerism and thought processes of these ex-ex-gay persons whom I have met and know over the years.

We are not here to hate those people in the program as they are already going through such violence within themselves. We are against the dishonesty of such programs and the damages it causes to bright cheery people.

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