About Me


Hello, my name is Kelvin Wong.

I starting blogging… opps, I mean writing somewhere in 1997 when the Internet was firmly entrenched into our young minds and when it was hip to have a personal home page. Having a home page then was the domain of the computer saavy (we don’t call it IT then). It was also a good chance for me to pick up some html skills. However, most importantly, I wanted to share my coming out experience as a gay man in Singapore with the other people.

I had just gone through about 2 years of my own coming out process and have had a great burden of guilt, shame and fear lifted off my mind and life. I wanted to share those experiences with other gay people who had the same guilt, shame and fear that I had. I also wanted to show them that accepting oneself as gay can be a happy thing and that they are not alone in that struggle, especially in Singapore. I believe that I was one of the few and only visible Singapore gay men who was out enough to have my coming out experience posted on the web, as I received many letters of thanks and made some friends from it.

That’s why the first 2 posts in this blog was back dated to year 2000 as I had made some changes to my writing at that time, even though I only created this site in 2005.

Coming Out
Coming Out II

In fact, the miracle of my home page was that I had only these 2 writings for about 5-6 years of its existence.

Also I was feature in Time Asia in its 2001 edition “Boy’s Night Out“. Probably one of the first few public gay person in Singapore.

I had wanted to write more, but updating my web page was a hassle and I had become involved with some activities in the gay community and a lot of my thoughts ended up being posted in email lists instead. I started heartland, which is a gay Buddhist group and ADLUS, which is a gay sports group, both in 1999 and also got involved somewhat with People Like Us and got myself really busy for some times.

Although I continued to write and make my opinions heard in those list, I had always wanted to talk about many other things besides just gay issues. I still want to continue sharing my thoughts and experiences of the coming out process, as it never ends with just calling yourself a gay man. Also there are many other topics that I want to talk about like my own journey and views in Buddhism, socio-politics (although I am not very good at expressing them or getting them right), about nature, environment and animals (which are mostly neglected in our rat race) and others like cultures, travels, etc. Of course, it also provides a good place for me to look at my thoughts and writing throughout the years and see how I might have grown or regressed!

And then… blogging became a common language. So I started to blog in my LJ, but didn’t feel that the interface was too user friendly (but it has improved a lot since then) and at the same time, I was interested in open source portals and thought about hosting my only web space to play with these technologies. It was via LJ that someone introduced WordPress and I was impressed by how well designed it was. Paid for my web space, loaded WordPress and that’s how you end up reading this! 🙂